Surrogacy for Single Men

According to a story from the TODAY Show, there is a growing trend of single men turning to surrogacy to achieve their dreams of parenthood. Many men aspire to become fathers and dream of the day that they finally get to start a family of their own. Nowadays many single men are resorting to alternative paths to parenthood through both surrogacy and egg donation.

Meet Dr. Conrad Cean

Just like women, men also admit to feeling their biological clock ticking. Dr. Conrad Cean was a pain specialist and had a very busy lifestyle. Getting married by 33 or 34 was always in his plan, but his busy schedule and demanding job had always gotten in the way of him finding the right woman.

“I had just finished my fellowship and was trying to get the lay of the land in the business of medicine. I thought I would meet the right person, but I didn’t want to force anything,” Dr. Cean states.

Dr. Conrad Cean was nearing 40 when he realized his longing for a family – however, he did not have that special someone in his life to help him start one. He turned to something that recently became available to single men – In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). He decided to use IVF and matched with a surrogate abroad to help him start his family.

The now 45-year old, Native New Yorker is now a happy, single father of toddler twins, Kennedy-Josephine Marie and Konrad Fritz II. After such joy brought into his life through surrogacy, he is now considering adding another addition to his little clan!

“I grew up in a very close family with two sisters, parents in Queens and cousins. We’ve always been a tight family and I always wanted children,” he told TODAY.

Dr. Phillip Werthman, the director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal in L.A., specializes in sperm optimization and helps prepare men for IVF. According to him, it is becoming more common for single men to resort to IVF nowadays and has helped many bachelor’s take the steps to have babies.

“The desire to be a parent is similar, whether you are gay, straight, in a relationship or not.  For these men, they are getting older, they have the resources and love to give and they want to go ahead. Technology gives them the ability to have children outside traditional means,” Dr. Werthman states.

In 2012, after two unsuccessful attempts at embryo transplants in India, Cean chose to try surrogacy in the United States. His own sperm was used during the surrogacy process, making him the biological father of his children. After a very successful pregnancy, his healthy twin babies entered the world on August 30, 2013.  

Through all this, Cean is still open to marriage. He believes that this experience would be great to share with someone and continues to look for his special someone.

Stephanie Scott, the Executive Program Director of Simple Surrogacy, a fertility clinic in Dallas, Texas, says cases like Cean are very common.

“Some of them have been focused on their careers for so long, they never got married. A lot are afraid they have missed their opportunity and don’t want to wait and hope they’ll find the right woman,” she stated to TODAY.

What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is also an option for many longing single fathers. In a gestational surrogacy, through IVF, an embryo is implanted using an egg donor and sperm. This means that the baby will not be biologically linked to the surrogate mother.

Meet Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is a 50-year old school teacher at Brimmer and May Middle School in Massachusetts. Stephanie Scott helped him through the process and arranged for him to have children through surrogacy. After a lengthy process and on-going search for a surrogate mother, his twins, Olivia and Noah, were born.

Gordon loved kids and had always longed for the day he was able to start a family of his own. Although he had always wanted to settle down in his twenties, his career had always taken priority. He had made a promise to himself that if he was still not married by the age of 44, he would consider an alternative path to parenthood.

The summer that he turned 44, the relationship he was in came to an end.  He then began to research his surrogacy options, which ended up costing him a total of $90,000.

Gordon was very persistent. He chose a  23-year-old single woman as his surrogate, who had previously given birth and believed in helping deserving couples experience parenthood as well. Gordon was involved in every step of the process and was even present during the delivery and the birth of his twins.

While he admits that caring for twins can be exhausting, he states, “It was the most unbelievable dream come true. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but a lot of it is instinct… From the minute they were born, they were in my arms and have been there ever since.”

He still strongly believes that he will find love eventually and is still very open to the idea of marriage. However, the void he once had is now filled with the presence of the children that he always longed for.

Simple Surrogacy

At Simple Surrogacy, we have been making dreams of parenthood come true since 2002. Based in Dallas, Texas, we have been helping couples fulfill their longing to start a family through assisted reproduction.

If you are single bachelor looking to fulfill your dreams of fatherhood, visit our website or contact us at 1-866-41-SURRO and ask to speak to Stephanie Scott, our Executive Program Director to learn about what to expect as a single father and what the surrogacy process entails.

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