Surrogacy: What is Cycling

Are you beginning your journey as an Intended Parent or a Surrogate? Congratulations! This journey will be rewarding, humbling, and bring a beautiful new life into the world. Many people are curious about surrogacy and what the process entails. That’s…

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Birth Stories- Telling Your Child They Were Born Via Surrogacy

Intended parents often have more than a few concerns when they start to consider having a baby via surrogacy. One of the ideas that makes intended parents the most uncomfortable and that we at Simple Surrogacy encounter most often is,…

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Top Tips for Single Parents Expecting Surrogate Babies

Thanks to modern medical science, it's now possible to become a parent even if you don't have a partner. Gestational surrogacy is the process by which a fertilized egg is implanted in a surrogate mother, and this medical procedure has…

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A Personal Story From Intended Parents – Sean. M

Are you looking to start a family of your own through surrogacy or egg donation? It’s natural to have a few questions regarding the process involved and the steps required. If you or someone you know is considering surrogacy or…

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