What to Know As A First-Time Surrogate

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey that will enrich your life. Many surrogates repeat the journey as many times as able, but that first step can be difficult. Deciding to give someone the gift of love requires taking a jump into…

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Why Become a Surrogate?

You may know someone in your life who has been a surrogate or seen a media portrayal of a brave young woman looking to help families. There are so many myths, misnomers, and misinterpretations of this beautiful gift out there.…

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International Surrogacy in the United States

International surrogacy is a hot topic this March because countries like Ireland have recently increased their restrictions on gestational surrogacy; this policy change has caused many Irish people to look abroad for their surrogacy needs. The news has been about…

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Debunking Surrogacy Myths

Surrogacy is a hotly debated topic because of the myths that surround it. It is portrayed incorrectly in media, skewed in the news, and now is completely misunderstood by most people who haven't researched the process.  Simple Surrogacy wants to…

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Traditional vs. Gestational Surrogacy – What does it mean?

Surrogacy has a long history, and as science has evolved we have developed new ways to bring life into the world that can help surrogates and intended parents in the process. Laws regulating both forms of surrogate journeys are strict…

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