Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency: Ensuring a Smooth Journey

Becoming a surrogate is a profound decision that involves careful consideration and choosing the right surrogacy agency is paramount to ensuring a successful and fulfilling journey. When selecting an agency, experience is not just a bonus but a necessity. Agencies like Simple Surrogacy, with over 22+ years in the field, have the expertise to handle a wide range of scenarios and ensure that both surrogates and intended parents are well-supported throughout the process.

Avoiding Pitfalls

One critical aspect where experience shines is in the Agency’s ability to vet and refer intended parents to trustworthy partners, such as escrow companies and clinics. In the recent SEAM breach, several surrogacy agencies referred intended parents to escrow partners who did not have the proper protections in place to protect their clients, leading to financial losses and delays in compensation for surrogates. SEAM, a company currently under FBI investigation for mishandling escrow funds, has caused significant financial hardship for intended parents and surrogates alike. If you are a surrogate aOected by the SEAM breach, Simple Surrogacy would like to help you with your journey and match you to Intended Parents through our proven and experienced system where you can be confident your compensation and expenses will be paid on time and are held securely.

The Simple Surrogacy Advantage

Simple Surrogacy stands out because they meticulously vet every party involved in the surrogacy journey. They ensure that all Intended Parents are referred only to trusted and legally bonded escrow companies, and clinics with excellent success rates. This diligence guarantees that surrogates are protected and compensated as agreed upon, without the risk of financial uncertainty or delays.

Why Experience Matters

Experience isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the agency’s ability to navigate the complexities of surrogacy. Agencies that have been established for more than two decades, such as Simple Surrogacy, have encountered and successfully navigated numerous challenges that can arise during surrogacy journeys. Whether it’s medical complications, financial or legal issues, or emotional support, an experienced agency is equipped to handle these complexities with professionalism and eOiciency.

Peace of Mind

For surrogates considering their agency, trusting an agency like Simple Surrogacy means peace of mind. It means knowing that every step of the way, from initial application to post- birth support, you are supported by a team with extensive experience and a commitment to

your well-being. Simple Surrogacy’s track record speaks for itself, with countless successful surrogacy journeys and satisfied surrogates who have been respected, supported, and compensated fairly. Simple Surrogacy’s care of surrogates is unparalleled because we are surrogate-owned. You can expect to be well loved by Simple Surrogacy, including push gifts, morning sickness packages, and 24-7 support from your experienced surrogate coordinator.

Final Considerations

Your decision to become a surrogate is a noble and life-changing one. It’s essential to partner with an Agency that not only understands the intricacies of surrogacy but also prioritizes your safety, legal protection, and financial security. Simple Surrogacy’s all- female team and commitment to excellence make them a trusted choice for surrogates looking to embark on this incredible journey with confidence, and love.

When you choose Simple Surrogacy, you are choosing reliability, professionalism, and unwavering support and care. Your surrogacy journey deserves nothing less.

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