European Gay Men – Second Annual Conference on Parenting Options

Simple Surrogacy is proud to announce we will be traveling to Brussels on September 24th and 25th with Men Having Babies for the Second Annual Conference on Parenting Options for European Gay Men. Across the majority of Europe, gay men…

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Zika Virus Explained

Zika Virus has, understandably, become a growing concern for families worldwide. The Olympic Games happening in Rio this summer is bringing a lot of attention to the frightening virus, with news outlets reporting fears for athletes, reporters, and tourists alike…

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Restrictions on Surrogacy Often Leave Hopeful Parents Looking Towards International Surrogacy

Legal restrictions on surrogacy often leave hopeful parents looking towards international surrogacy. As young adults, many people look forward to having children of their own, and all the joy that comes with a new baby. For some, however, this is…

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