Sharing Your Journey On Social Media

Managing your presence on social media is difficult enough without the added stress of having to explain the surrogacy journey. Questions about the pregnancy will be unavoidable in your day-to-day, conversations that may be difficult to have if the other person is misinformed.

Your inclination may be to disappear from the internet for the entirety of your pregnancy. You shouldn’t give in to that fear.

Sharing is Impactful

Sharing your surrogacy journey makes an impact on the way surrogacy is viewed overall. Many people do not understand something until it applies to them or they have someone’s experience to reference.

As you share a journey full of love, positivity, and the realistic struggles of surrogacy, more people in your circle will become better informed about surrogacy.

Sharing is Inspiring

Most surrogates go on their first journey after knowing someone who was a surrogate. When you share online, your reach is amplified. People who want to be surrogates can see your journey, the happiness, and the gift it is. Your post might help them to decide to take the plunge.

Additionally, you serve as an inspiration for general kindness. Giving life to someone for the sake of another family is such a beautiful gesture that it will surely inspire more people to give back to their communities.

Sharing Builds Communities

There is a strong community of support and love for surrogates and Intended Parents online. Other surrogates will join you, wish you luck, and build relationships with you as you go through your journey.

Your posts attract other people in your community and will quickly welcome you into the fold. When you need support, you may find it there.

Sharing Preserves Memories

You will want to reflect on your journey with your belly buddy after it’s over, and social media can be an archive of all the memories you shared. Having this record, even just for yourself, can be an excellent way to watch your relationship with your Intended family grow.

Before posting about your surrogacy online, you should ensure that the Intended Parents are comfortable with your posting. They may stipulate your content, such as “don’t post pictures of the baby after they’re born” or “please don’t disclose our identities,” which is perfectly understandable.

Surrogates who post about their journeys experience support, well wishes, and overwhelming kindness on many platforms. Even though a stray comment or two may be discouraging, it is worth it to impact the world.

If you have more questions about the surrogacy process, contact us here.

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