Do You Have Friends Who Love Being Pregnant?

Refer Them to Us and Earn $1000!

Do you have friends who really, truly enjoyed their pregnancies? Refer them to us as prospective surrogate mothers, and earn money! If you have a friend who loved being pregnant and had at least one full-term pregnancy with no complications, refer her to Simple Surrogacy. For each woman you refer to us who ends up becoming a surrogate mother for our agency, she will earn compensation for her services, and you will earn a $1000 referral bonus!

Qualifications for Becoming a Surrogate

Before referring a friend to become a surrogate mother with Simple Surrogacy, make sure that she meets our requirements. To review, these include:

  • She must be a U.S. citizen/legal resident/legal immigrant.
  • She must be between the ages of 21-40 to qualify to be a gestational surrogate (our traditional surrogates must be under the age of 35).
  • She must have given birth to at least one child of her own.
  • She must have had a simple, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries (with at least one of them being full-term).
  • She must have a BMI under 33 (that is, her height and weight must be proportionate).
  • She must have a valid driver’s license.
  • She must reside in a stable situation (address verification will be checked going back seven years, but this does not mean that she must have lived in the same place for the past seven years).
  • She must not be on public assistance.
  • She must pass a background check.
  • She must be willing to take medications by injection.
  • She must not be a smoker or exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • She must not take illegal drugs.
  • She must be willing to remain abstinent from alcohol during the surrogacy process and pregnancy.
  • She must not have any sexually transmitted diseases that could be passed to the child.
  • She must not have any psychiatric illnesses or take medication for anxiety or depression.
  • She must have reliable transportation to travel to appointments.
  • She must not have had any tattoos or piercings in the past year.
  • She must be able to provide contact information for her past obstetricians.
  • She must be willing to sign forms to give us access to her medical records from prior pregnancies.
  • She must not have traveled to a country infected by the Zika virus in the past six months.
  • She must be willing to review the Surrogacy Agreement with a licensed attorney, at the intended parents’ expense.
  • She must be willing to meet all obligations within the Surrogacy Agreement.

Who Makes a Good Surrogate Mother?

Women choose to become surrogate mothers for a variety of reasons. Some may be stay-at-home moms who enjoyed being pregnant and are looking to earn extra income. Some women simply wish to help intended parents to create their own families and want to pass on the gift of life. Other women might wish to develop a sense of community with other surrogate mothers. There are many reasons to become a surrogate mother, and your friend likely has her own personal reasons for wishing to do so.

Does Your Friend Meet These Qualifications?

If your friend is interested in becoming a surrogate mother for Simple Surrogacy and meets all of the above qualifications, ask her to contact us. We will have her fill out the Profile and Application and will then get in touch with her to set up an interview. If we sign your friend up as a surrogate mother with our agency, you will earn a nice referral bonus of $1000!

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