What Are the Surrogate Procedures for Multiple Births?

At Simple Surrogacy, we are open and honest with our Surrogates as well as our Intended Parents. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo or often multiple embryos are implanted in a surrogate via in vitro fertilization. Multiple embryos are often used in each round of IVF to increase the likelihood of success. At the same time, transferring multiple embryos means that the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.) is increased.

Multiple Births in Surrogacy

There are several reasons why surrogate pregnancies can commonly result in multiple births. First, Simple Surrogacy pre-screens our Surrogates. We ensure that Surrogates are healthy and have given birth to at least one child of her own. Thus, Surrogates are in peak medical condition which can result in optimal success when having an IVF transfer. The IVF process adds fertility drugs to help with conception, and these drugs can increase the number of embryos that implant.
Second, donor eggs are often used as part of the surrogacy process. Egg donors are generally young, very fertile and have passed rigorous medical and genetic testing, resulting in extremely healthy eggs.
Third, IVF can be costly for Intended Parents. Usually, Intended Parents and physicians (in consultation with the Surrogate) try to ensure the best outcome at minimum cost and risk. Therefore, the IVF transfer process often involves using more than one embryo at a time. Depending on the number of embryos transferred and successfully implanted, twins, triplets or even higher multiples are possible.

The Surrogacy Agreement

At Simple Surrogacy, we recommend that surrogacy agreements have provisions in place for the possibility of a multiple pregnancy. The Intended Parents, the Surrogate, and the doctors involved should all agree to the number of embryos transferred. Additionally, a surrogate agreement should cover when, if ever, the number of fetuses would be reduced.

Additional Compensation

At Simple Surrogacy, we ensure that all of our Intended Parents and Surrogates have a surrogate agreement signed before the process begins. Part of this contract will include a schedule of fees to be paid by the Intended Parents to the Surrogate. Generally, a Surrogate will receive additional compensation for carrying a multiple pregnancy.
For example, a singleton pregnancy would call for a $200 monthly allowance; in the case of twins or higher, this allowance would increase to $250 – $300 in the second trimester. Similarly, an $800 maternity clothing allowance is usually provided but this increases to $1,000 for multiples. There is also an additional Twins fee of $8,000 paid per additional fetus carried.

Building Families

The beauty of surrogacy is that you are helping create families and fulfill the dream of having a child for people who are unable to have children of their own. We are constantly inspired by our surrogates who carry multiple children and give these families the gift of not only one but multiple children (and built-in siblings)! The entire process is beautiful, and Simple Surrogacy is ready and able to help Surrogates every step of the way.
Simple Surrogacy has experienced Surrogates on staff, so we intimately understand the journey. Several of our team members have carried multiples for Intended Parents. If you are interested in becoming a Surrogate, please give Simple Surrogacy a call.

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