Surrogacy Fee Structure

One of the most common concerns and obstacles of those pursuing surrogacy is the cost. Oftentimes the number can be daunting and intended parents don’t know exactly what they are paying for or why.
At Simple Surrogacy, we believe that the most important thing that we do can for our clients is delivering premium service at reasonable prices. That being said, there are several factors that influence the cost of surrogacy.
Your situation is unique and may not fall under the general price guidelines, we make an effort to be transparent when it comes to informing our customers about what they are paying for.

What is the “Texas Advantage” that Simple Surrogacy Refers To?

The “Texas Advantage” refers to legislation passed in 2003 that holds surrogacy in a favorable legal light. There are now several benefits to conducting your surrogacy experience with our agency which is based in Texas. Here are a few:

  • Lower costs: Texas does not collect state income tax, which allows us to operate at lower costs, and therefore, lower the cost of surrogacy for intended parents. Additionally, Texas has a lower cost of living compared to some major competitor states such as New York and California.
  • Legal Protection for Intended Parents: Married couples who live in Texas are under the protection of the law when it comes to their surrogacy arrangements.
  • Sperm and Egg Donation Laws: Texas laws protect third-party donors from ever having any legal obligation to any child that results from their donation. It also benefits intended parents by ensuring that they don’t have to go through any court process to gain rights to the child.

There are several other important benefits related to the “Texas Advantage.” For more information on whether or not you would qualify for any of these benefits, please visit Simple Surrogacy’s website.

Simple Surrogacy Services and Fees

Here at Simple Surrogacy, we have our prices listed on our site and available for anyone to see. We don’t believe in hidden fees and we even offer financing options to ease the load on intended parents who are in the process of growing their families.
Simple Surrogacy Agency Fees include any fees that are paid directly to our agency. This cost could possibly include a general agency fee, legal contract fees, traditional surrogacy fees, and international fees depending on the surrogacy option that you choose. We cater to our clients and do not make them pay hidden fees that don’t apply to their pregnancy, you will only be charged for the services you need!
We also offer several different programs to our intended parents which include a matching only program, coordination only program, and an egg donation program. Each of these programs has its own separate fee structure, so it’s important to get in contact with our agency with any questions you may have regarding them.
Other fees such as insurance, screening, and payment to surrogates carry their own set of standards that will influence how much they cost. For example, an experienced surrogate is paid more than an inexperienced surrogate. Another example is that medical expenses and screening fees will be lower if they occur in Texas and could possibly be higher if they occur in another state.
As there are several different factors that will affect what your surrogacy fees will look like, we invite you to look at our website for a more detailed view of everything that you should consider.

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