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Many people dream of the day that they can start a family. Sometimes this dream does not involve having a partner or spouse. If you are a single father through surrogacy or thinking of using surrogacy to become a single father, here are are some tips and tricks to help you throughout your single father surrogacy journey.

Find Support

A large part of being able to succeed as a single father is finding support. This support can come from many different places and people. Having individuals to lean on and learn from is a great way to not only succeed as a single father, but also grow as one. Family and friends are always a great support system to have. Before you embark on a single father surrogacy journey, you should talk to your family and friends. Are they supportive of your decision? Are you educated on what it truly means to become a single father through surrogacy? Supportive family members and friends can make a large difference in your experience along this journey. Simple Surrogacy has helped many single fathers become parents through surrogacy, and through our reference program, we can put you in contact with them to address any questions they may have.

If you find that your family and friends are not being as supportive as you would like, there are many different forums and groups available online. Simple Surrogacy also offers a parent-only facebook group where you can seek and give advice. These forums and groups can provide you with confidence, advice, and show you that you are not going through this journey of single father surrogacy alone.

Make Time for You

It is important to make time for yourself during this surrogacy journey. Although you may be busy and overwhelmed, carving out even very small pieces of time for yourself is extremely important to the success of this process. Joining a club or making time to grab coffee with friends can greatly help when starting on your journey as a single father through surrogacy.

Find a Work Schedule that Works

Work and raising a child as a single father can quickly become overwhelming. If you decide to become a single father through surrogacy, we suggest that you closely examine your work schedule. If you are able to adjust your work schedule it can relieve a lot of stress and provide you with more time to bond with your new baby.


Activities are important for you and for your child. Do you participate in any activities outside of one’s with your child? Sometimes relieving stress and finding personal joy can be as easy as joining a gym or a softball team and being active 3 times a week.

Activities are also important for your child. Not only do activities get them outside and active, they also allow them to interact and play with other children their own age. From soccer to baseball, bowling to skating, there are many different activities that your child can participate in.

If you’re not interested in separate activities, or would like to add more activity into your routine, a father-child sport activity may be the answer. There are many different leagues and clubs that you can join, or you can plan separate trips and outings in order to combine activity with quality bonding time!

Plan for the Future

The future may be hard to plan for, but it is important to try. From financial preparedness to childcare and education; there are many different elements of the future that you should be ready for. Being a single parent can be difficult, but planning for the future can help provide you with the confidence that you were lacking.

Surrogacy Agencies in Texas

There are different surrogacy agencies in Texas to consider once you decide to use surrogacy to start a family. Simple Surrogacy has been in business since 2002 and works hard to provide intended parent(s) with the support and guidance that they need to start a family of their own.

Texas Advantage

Due to the fact that we are located in Texas, we have the Texas Advantage. Since Texas does not have State Income Tax, Simple Surrogacy is able to cut 10% off of their costs.

Benefits of Surrogacy in Texas

There are also many benefits beyond the financial aspect to choosing a surrogacy agency in Texas. Some of these include:

  • Gestational agreements are valid and enforceable in Texas
  • The surrogate may be compensated
  • IPs are recognized as the legal parents of the child on their birth certificate, even single or gay parents
  • No need for an adoption or secondary legal work
  • Married couples who do not live in Texas can also take advantage of the Texas law if their surrogate lives here.
  • Supports gestational surrogacies where the IPs both have genetic relationship to the child
  • Supports gestational surrogacies where only one Intended Parent has genetic relationship to the child
  • Supports gestational surrogacies where both egg donor and sperm donor are used, and Intended Parents have no genetic relationship to the child

Choosing a surrogacy agency is a big and difficult decision. That’s why at Simple Surrogacy we ensure all our potential clients are informed and educated, so that their decision can be simple.

The Simple Surrogacy Difference

There are many things that sets Simple Surrogacy apart from the competition. One of these is that we are members of RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, as well as the American Fertility Association and the Better Business Bureau. We also pride ourselves on following the guidelines that have been issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Another element that sets us apart from the competition is that our staff also have experience as surrogates and egg donors themselves. This means that we have the personal and professional expertise that allows us to better provide for our clients.

We also have one of the largest databases of surrogates out of any surrogacy agency. All of these candidates have gone through our application process to ensure that they are viable candidates. This means that once you have selected a surrogate from the database, the process can quickly begin.

If you’ve decided to begin your single father surrogacy journey, or have more questions, contact the team of experts at Simple Surrogacy. Our team is filled with industry experts who have been egg donors and surrogates themselves! This gives us the unique approach of being able to provide our clients with personal experience through our 24/7 customer service.

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