What to Expect from your Psychological Consultation

Congratulations on your decision to become a surrogate! Your selfless act will provide a very deserving individual or couple with a baby of their own, an opportunity they otherwise would not be able to achieve.

At Simple Surrogacy, we have a system to our Surrogacy Process. We follow a regimented process to ensure that only the right candidates are selected to become a surrogate. After you have met the general qualifications and your application has been reviewed, we require a psychological consultation. Some individuals are intimidated by this step, unnecessarily. That’s why we decided to explain what you can expect from your psychological consultation.

A psychological consultation involves meeting with a psychologist. Many people confuse psychologists with psychiatrists. A psychiatrist has a medical degree and primarily prescribes medication whereas a psychologist has a doctorate and provides evaluations. The psychologist will gather information for the Intended Parents and for Simple Surrogacy, that will help determine whether or not you are a good fit for becoming a surrogate.

Family History

The psychologist will ask you about your family history. Some mental health issues or learning disabilities can be passed on through genetics. This is not to say that any indication will leave you disqualified. This question is asked and the information is required in order to allow the Intended Parents to have a heads-up and to be able to watch for early stages of warning signs for learning disabilities, etc. By providing this information, you are giving the Intended Parents the same information that you would have if it was your child.


Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to becoming a surrogate. It is better to be honest than to hide bumps in the road that could leave the Intended Parents unaware. It is important not to lie about something just because you feel that it may disqualify you from the surrogacy program. Many of the questions that you will be asked do not have a definitive pass or fail result.


Another aspect that a psychological consultation is able to determine is your current life situation. The psychologist will ask questions that will determine whether or not you will be in a safe environment during your pregnancy. Safety during a pregnancy is extremely important, both for the mother and the unborn child.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of the psychologist is to ensure that you are mentally stable. Pregnancy is a long and difficult process that requires as much mental devotion as it does physical. It is important that you are emotionally ready to undergo this process. Surrogacy has an added element that can test someone’s mental stability, giving the baby you carried for 9 months to someone else. The psychologist will also be interested in learning more about you as a person. This way they can relay more information about you as a person, and your personality, to the Intended Parents.


You can even benefit from this process! During your session, the psychologist will not just sit there silently. They will also contribute their thoughts and opinions that could benefit you during your surrogacy. You can take these comments, suggestions, or opinions and apply them to your life if you choose and grow from them!

The Reason

The psychological evaluation is not designed to make you fail. It is designed with the ultimate goal of ensuring that you will be able to successfully carry a baby as a surrogate. This test is just as important and just as routine as a physical evaluation is before you are selected to become a surrogate. The only advice that we can give you is to be consistent and truthful with your answers!

Why Simple Surrogacy?

At Simple Surrogacy, we understand the sacrifices that you are making to give a family or an individual a child. That’s why if you chose us, we will serve as your advocate during this selfless process and we continuously strive to ensure that you have a stress-free pregnancy. We will fight to make sure that your surrogacy journey is smooth and enjoyable because that’s what we’d want for ourselves. Our co-owner and co-founder, Stephanie Scott, is a three-time previous surrogate which allows her to relate to all of our surrogate mothers.

Beyond these values, there are many other reasons why you should choose Simple Surrogacy as your agency.

  • Compensation held in a Bonded Escrow account, endorsed by Men Having Babies
  • No permission required from Intended Parents to reimburse or pay you like in 3rd party escrow accounts
  • We do NOT issue a 1099 to our surrogates
  • Agency is Female owned and run, by previous surrogates and egg donors
  • Surrogate chooses the Intended Parents FIRST, you will have the personal match you desire
  • Experienced team of previous surrogate support coordinators to provide 24/7 help by phone
  • Experienced Program Director who is a former Surrogate available 24/7
  • Retreat or getaway available if you choose
  • Personalized push gifts
  • BBB A+ Rated business for over 15 years

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate contact Simple Surrogacy today! Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the process.

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