Surrogacy 101: How to be an Intended Parent: Consultations

The first step in the process of becoming a Simple Surrogacy Intended Parent is to schedule a consultation. We offer phone consultations at no charge, or in-office consultations for a $150 fee. If you have an in-office consultation and decide to enter our program we then waive the consultation fee when you pay the retainer fee.

During your consultation, we will discuss your particular case and what services you are seeking. Weather you will need a Surrogate and Egg Donor or just a Surrogate, if you have chosen a clinic or would like us to help you select one, if you want to be matched with a Surrogate in Texas or in another state, and any legal considerations that affect your situation. We’ll also explain the entire surrogacy process to you step by step and answer any questions you have about it. We can also answer your questions about the financial aspects of the Surrogacy journey, from when you will pay us, to how and when you pay the clinics, providers and Surrogate. We can also offer you a customized estimate of the journey’s cost depending on your situation.

After all of your questions are answered, we can explain the retainer agreements to you and make sure you understand what is required of you to enter our program. We can provide references for you to contact to verify our services as well. You should make sure you fully understand the retainers when they are presented to you, and we are happy to review them to ensure you understand.

Once you’ve decided, simply sign the retainers, pay the retainer fee, and we will welcome you into our program!

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