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We are proud to be among the participants at the Men Having babies seminar in new York on September 22nd. Please join us! We will have several breakout sessions where we can answer all of your questions about Surrogacy, costs and our program. Though this is focused on Gay Parents, everyone is welcome to come and learn about our unique and renowned approach to surrogacy!

Time for YOU to have a baby as well?

The eight annual NY Surrogacy Seminar and Expo by Men Having Babies is September 22, 2012!

This year’s day-long event is going to be the largest and most extensive program for prospective surrogacy parents ever… The independent nonprofit organization Men Having Babies is hosting an unprecedented number of clinics and agencies (16 so far, and counting) from all across the USA and beyond, alongside a number of supportive community organizations.  The program will include expert and personal stories panels, a surrogacy and gay parenting exhibit, a catered lunch, and 24 breakout sessions. The exhibit and breakout sessions will allow attendees to personally meet and hear from the various agencies and clinics, never before assembled under one roof.  The event will also mark the debut of the Gay Parenting Financial Assistance Fund, which will benefit from the event’s sponsorship proceeds.
While the event is organized by a gay parenting organization, non-gay prospective parents are also welcome and will no doubt highly benefit from it as well.
Admission is $10 (free for pre-registered out of town guests).

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