Egg Donation Creates Unique Opportunities

Egg Donation Creates Unique Opportunities

As egg donation continues to provide an important option for intended parents to start a family, the success of the egg donor procedure is also an evolving industry. There is no doubt as to the value of egg donation, so justifiable compensation is determined for the women who donate their eggs for this purpose. Egg donation allows assisted reproduction for women who cannot conceive, couples with fertility problems, and single straight men or gay men who wish to have a child.

The financial aspect of egg donation has definitely made it more popular amongst egg donors over the past few years. Although donors have the financial opportunity for extra income, they also feel they are supporting a real cause and connecting in a way that they could not before and may not have otherwise. Egg donation compensates more highly than sperm donation, due to the invasiveness of the procedure, the drugs the donor must take and it being a bit more complex to retrieve healthy eggs for fertilization. Not every healthy woman is suitable to be a successful egg donor. As of late, the egg donor screening process has become more exclusive as intended parents are seeking eggs donors with more desirable genetics in hopes to produce a child that is more attractive and intelligent.

Egg donor agencies are finding more advanced ways everyday to ensure client success and satisfaction. For intended parents, this process is a huge investment and a life changing experience, so happiness with the results is key. There are many critics of egg donation and surrogacy, who may question the ethical side to this transaction. However, it is more so proving to be a case of supply and demand, reinforcing the idea that egg donation and surrogacy have actual benefits and an obvious function in society, thus adding value to its place in the reproductive marketplace.

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