Giving Another Family the Gift Of Life When They Can’t Have Children

If you have a desire to help another family have a child, then consider becoming a surrogate. You will carry the baby for the other family. When the baby is delivered, the child is given to the family. This is similar to adoption, but you’ll usually know the family you’re helping and could even be asked by a friend or family member. There are a few details to keep in mind about becoming a surrogate mother before you make a final decision about the process.

Helping Others

When you make the decision to become a surrogate, you are giving another family a chance to have children. It’s an experience that you likely won’t forget. The first step in the process is having an embryo placed in your uterus. This process is known as in vitro fertilization. You are not related to the child and usually don’t know who the parents of the child are unless you have been selected by friends and family members. Sometimes, a third-party donor egg is used if the mother is unable to use her own eggs for the transplant process.


There are only a few goals that you have if you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother. One is to safely carry the baby to term. As the surrogate, you’ll usually receive healthcare at no expense to you. Information is shared with the parent or parents of the baby. At some point, you will likely meet with the parents so that they can walk with you in every step of the pregnancy.


You should be between the ages of 21 and 43 and be in overall good physical and mental health. You also need to have carried and delivered one baby to term, but fewer than five. It’s alright if you’ve had a C-section, but you should have had no more than two in the past to qualify.

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