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How Does it Work?

Thank you for reading through our process of finding you the ideal Egg Donor. This page is to help Parents understand, step by step, the general outline of the process. This is simply a summary, and your process may differ slightly from what is contained below.

The process for Parents is as follows:

  • Register at
  • Verify your email address through the link sent to you.
  • Choose up to 3 Donors, and select to submit selections. Be sure your top choice is at the top.
  • Simple Donations will email you to verify that you meant to submit your selections. We will send to you our Application form, which is a short survey requesting information we will need from you before we can verify your Donor’s ability to donate.
  • We will contact your Donors to verify their willingness to cycle for you.
  • Once your Donor confirms her availability and willingness, your reservation fee is due. This administrative fee, $150, must be paid to lock in your donor for your cycle. It is paid before we can request any additional information from your chosen Donor, such as additional photographs, medical records beyond what is in her profile, medical records from any previous donations other than as contained in her profile, or any other additional information your clinic requires. It must also be submitted before we can arrange a skype call with your donor at your request, or arrange a phone call with her, at your request.
  • Once you and your clinic have all of the information necessary, and you decide that you would like your donor to be screened at your clinic, you must complete our Retainer Agreement and pay the initial Retainer fee.
  • You will establish escrow to fund your Donor’s travel to screening and any expenses associated with her screening.
  • We will arrange your Donor’s travel to screening, as necessary.
  • Once your Donor has passed screening, the final part of our Retainer fee is due.
  • You and your Donor will have contracts drafted by your attorney and review those contracts.
  • Contracts are signed and legal clearance is sent to your clinic.
  • You fund Escrow for the full amount of your Donor’s compensation, plus estimated expenses for travel.
  • Your clinic schedules your cycle. We will arrange for all travel to the clinic for your Donor, and help to coordinate monitoring of your Donor if she is being monitored at a location other than your retrieval clinic.
  • Your Donor will attend retrieval. We will reimburse her for her expenses and pay her compensation.

Although the process can sometimes be more complex than that, we strive to keep our process as Simple as possible. Please let us know if any part of our process is unclear or you have questions or concerns about it. We look forward to helping you create your family through Egg Donation.

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