4 Ways People On Their Fertility Journey Can Take Care of Their Mental Health

Congratulations, you’ve decided to grow your family! While having children can certainly be a blessing, the act of getting pregnant can be a long, frustrating experience, especially if you’re struggling with fertility issues. Moreover, the stress and anxiety that come along with trying to conceive only make it more difficult. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways that you can protect your mental health while on your fertility journey.

Consider Alternatives

If you’re struggling with the fertility process, choosing an alternative method of expanding your family is not admitting defeat. If the stress of going through fertility treatments and other struggles is too daunting or has become overwhelming, there are other options you can consider.

For many parents, surrogacy is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Single parents, LGBTQ couples, or those who are struggling or unable to conceive are turning to surrogates more and more as the option becomes more accessible. There are advantages and disadvantages to surrogacy, so it’s important to research and make an informed decision that’s right for you.

Keep The Bedroom Fun

Sometimes, sex can feel like a chore when trying to conceive. Scheduling around cycles, extra pressure to perform, and limited sexual positions can take the life out of what should be an intimate, romantic experience. If you feel like you’re only having sex for to get pregnant, it can make you feel unattractive and affect your self-esteem.

Talk to your partner about ways you can spice up the routine. Try moving out of the bedroom, or using a different position than you usually do. It can also be helpful to prioritize intimacy and make time to have sex that’s outside of your fertility schedule.

If you’re worried about issues like erectile dysfunction at the same time, it makes trying to conceive that much more stressful. Take some time to research different ED treatments, and be sure to talk to your partner. Removing these barriers will not only make the act of trying to conceive easier but can also make it less stressful.

Practice Self-Care

When one aspect of our lives becomes stressful, it can be easy to push away other things. If your fertility journey is taking over your life, be sure to take time for yourself. Self-care is an essential part of any fertility journey, and can have a dramatic impact on your mental health.

For you, self-care could mean doing relaxing activities, such as a long bath, or reading a book. Or, it could mean spending more time with family, especially around the holidays, or scheduling time with your partner that you’re not thinking about pregnancy. Whatever ways you need to take care of yourself, make sure you’re spending time that focuses on you, and not on your fertility.

Get Some Exercise

Maintaining healthy lifestyle changes can often have a twofold benefit, and they often both improve your mental health and have a positive effect on your fertility. Particularly, regular moderate exercise can increase your fertility and is known to have lasting effects on your mental health. However, too much vigorous exercise can negatively impact ovulation.

The sweet spot seems to be doing moderate exercise for between one and five hours a week. Spend that time doing anything from a brisk walk to water aerobics. Another great way to get moving is adding stretching exercises, like yoga, into your daily routine.

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