Why You Should Give the Gift of Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air! Whether it’s doing a nice thing for a neighbor, making something special for your significant other, or showing a friend that you care for them, there are plenty of ways to express love. But this season we’re asking our readers to consider giving one of the greatest gifts to a family that needs it – the gift of life.

Being a surrogate mother for intended parents means you are responsible for one of the happiest days in a parent’s life. Due to medical reasons, many couples face the fact that they may never conceive naturally but desperately want biological children. That’s where you can do the kindest thing in the world.

This gift is not without return! There are so many bonuses that come with being a surrogate in addition to doing one of the best things you can do for someone. Some of those benefits include:

  • Getting Paid Simple Surrogacy has the highest compensation rate for surrogates in the country. Making a year’s worth of income to carry for a family can give you a monetary cushion to use as you wish. 
  • More Time With Your Children When you carry, you have the financial freedom to take time to be with your children more frequently and experience their lives more. If you wanted a way to stay home without the income allowance, this may be it!
  • Access to Healthcare Carrying a healthy baby is important to the intended parents, so you will have access to healthcare throughout your gestational process.
  • Making a Connection The connection between a surrogate and their intended parents is something deep and special. There is really no comparison to other kinds of relationships.
  • Being Pregnant If you loved being pregnant but don’t want any more children, this is a great way to experience that time in your life again. 
  • Finding a Community The surrogacy community is tight-knit and experienced in all parts of the process. During your time being a surrogate, they will lend support and build friendships that can last a lifetime.

There are so many benefits to giving the gift of love, and so many new opportunities that come from deciding to embark on a surrogacy journey. Simple Surrogacy is here to make the process easier.

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