Simple Surrogacy is proud to have provided  many Intended Parents and Surrogates with such exceptional customer service that they would like to express their gratitude with our services.Our Confidentiality agreements prohibit us from sharing their full names, but we wanted to share some of their comments with you.

I got all my checks on time, and didn’t have to bother the IP’s with any cash flow issues. Kristen understood when I needed an advance and was able to get me the money I needed quickly. It made me able to concentrate on being a good surrogate, and not worry about being paid.

- Y, Florida

Stephanie made my surrogacy comforting. I was really emotional towards the end and she really helped work through all of my emotions and stay focused on the wonderful gift I was giving to my intended parents. I really appreciated that she was happy to support me whenever I needed it.

- C, California

This was our second time with an agency. We are lucky to say we had a good experience our first go around. I love that we were able to save some money this time! It was nice to see that we could get wonderful service without breaking our bank. Thank you for everything.

- T and J, Colorado

It was nice to not have to worry about the money and worry about verifying the Surrogate’s expenses. Kristen helped us understand what we were paying and when, and sent us a monthly statement so we understood where the money was going. It was a good experience.

- R and F, California

Simple Surrogacy is a refreshing change to the high priced agencies. Not only were they affordable but we felt like they really cared about making us into a family. I was really worried about working around the surrogacy laws in our state. I cannot believe they were able to make all of this happen in such a short period of time. We have nothing but good memories of our experience. Thanks so much!

- G and V, Maryland

I went into surrogacy with the notion that it would just be something I would get through. Simple Surrogacy gave me a whole new sense of self worth during my surrogacy. Stephanie and my coordinator, Karen, kept reminding me that what I was very special and the gift I was giving could never be matched.  I am glad there was someone else involved to discuss the “money part”. I really think it helped with the relationship between me and my intended parents. I am already looking forward to my next surrogacy.

- K, Arizona

We had searched through all of the agencies trying to find one we could afford, to no avail. We started posting ads trying to find a Surrogate but could not find a Surrogate that could help us. We were ready to give up when we contacted Simple Surrogacy. We were pleased to find out they were able to help us on a fixed income. The whole staff made our entire experience enjoyable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking us under your wing and reassuring us that it would all work out.

- D and M, Texas

Dearest Simple Surrogacy, Words cannot express how I feel about everything you have done for us. Jake and I are so happy sitting here holding our beautiful baby girl. She is such a joy. I am still in awe that we have her at home and are able to kiss and love her all of the time. We hope that other parents have the same success with your program as we have had. I want them to know that there is hope no matter what you have been through trying to have a baby. Until we found Simple Surrogacy, I thought we would never become parents. We are so grateful that we were matched with Cindy and she was able to bless us with a healthy child. She will always be in our prayers. Thank you for everything.

- Rochelle and Jake D., Denver, CO

Simple Surrogacy, I want to thank you for helping me find financing options to make surrogacy possible for me in the immediate future, find an apporiate surrogate, and obtain the necessary medical services for IUI procedures. I cannot believe that I was matched within two weeks. Although this particular match did not work out, I was very grateful that you quickly provided with another, more suitable match, at no extra charge. It was very nice that you made it clear that Simple Surrogacy fees were valid until I actually became a parent. I felt that Simple Surrogacy was there with me through the whole process. I am now a proud parent to a beautiful little boy and I have you and our surrogate to thank for that.

- B.-Massachusetts

My husband and I tried to have our own child, going through many infertility drugs and cycles.  After no luck, and a nudge from our doctor to pursue other avenues, we decided to have a surrogate have a child for us.  We chose surrogacy over adoption because the child could at least be a part of my husband’s lineage…not to mention that at age 46, it could take years with adoption.  We found Simple Surrogacy and loved talking to them about this possibility.  Stephanie was knowledgeable and understanding; and Kristen was great about keeping our financial matters in order.  We chose to use a surrogate and an egg donor to ease the emotional tie on the surrogate, and give us greater legal peace of mind.  We now have a baby girl who is absolutely wonderful!  We chose an anonymous egg donor, so unfortunately could not meet her.  But we loved her profile and knew she was the one.  After reviewing many surrogate profiles, we were so thrilled with our surrogate.  I went to the doctor appointments with her and was a part of the process.  It was truly beautiful getting to know her while she was carrying our child.  At the birth and even now, we are moved by such a giving act.  We will be forever grateful to her!  We are so happy we chose Simple Surrogacy…they helped make our life complete!

- Linda and Danny-Dallas, TX

After losing two surrogates, one for personal reasons and one for medical reasons, just weeks before egg retrieval my husband and I were not only emotionally distraught, but at a loss for what to do next. Finding Simple Surrogacy was the best thing that could have happened and my only regret is that we didn’t know about them sooner. Less than an hour after I sent my first email to their website, Stephanie called me personally to discuss our needs. It wasn’t much longer before I had a profile of a possible surrogate in our area. When she set up our first phone consultation with our surrogate she stayed on the line to make sure all of our questions were answered and that the conversation moved swiftly. Not only that, she laughed and smiled with us as we got to know each other. After our first dinner meeting with our surrogate and her husband I was calling Stephanie, absolutely beside myself, because she had matched us with a couple that I truly feel we would be friends with had we met them any other way. We were thrilled! After so much disappointment Simple Surrogacy has found us a wonderful match and we are heading into our first cycle next month. The entire process of IVF and surrogacy can be a little daunting to say the least. Simple Surrogacy provides the reassurance and what I have found to be the friendship that helps give you the support you need to get through this whole crazy rollercoaster of making a baby through assisted reproduction. I would highly recommend them to anyone beginning this journey. They are the helping hand that you will surely need along the way. We are now the proud parents of twins and have our surrogate and Simple Surrogacy to thank for it.

- Amy L., Dallas, TX

When my daughter was born, I was so overjoyed and really had a better understanding of what an incredible gift a child is. During the first week back to work from maternity leave, I picked up a Newsweek magazine and came across an article about Stephanie and Simple Surrogacy. After reading the article, I couldn’t wait to go online to check out the site. That night I made my profile! After only a couple weeks, Stephanie let me know she had a couple in mind. After my potential IP’s had a chance to review my profile, as well as myself reviewing theirs, Stephanie set up a phone call between us. She stayed on the phone and made sure that all the important bases were covered- without controlling the conversation. Everything flowed so well and she made me feel so comfortable. Stephanie and Kristen were there throughout the whole process, which was completely amazing since we were across the United States from each other. They answered all of our questions and made sure that everything went smoothly. Stephanie helped out with everything from finding the right clinic to attorney. Kristen always made sure that all expenses were taken care of in a timely matter. My Coordinator, Melissa, was available at all hours when I needed to talk. Towards the end of my pregnancy when things could have been at their worst; I never felt lost or alone because I knew that Stephanie was only a call or e-mail away. I cannot thank her enough for this. She was so great and supportive- and most of all, she understands! She is an experienced surrogate and this makes a world of difference. We still keep in contact to this day, which really meant a lot. You are not just a “client” when you are with Simple Surrogacy; they make you feel as though you are a friend. I would love to help another family achieve their goals of becoming parents and plan to be a surrogate again in the future. I couldn’t imagine going through any agency other than Simple Surrogacy. I look forward to the day when Stephanie is able to match me with another wonderful couple that I can help change their life.

- Jasmine W., Washington

After so much loss (and a bad experience with another surrogacy agency), I was skeptical and pessimistic and didn’t think we’d ever have a baby. Luckily we found Simple Surrogacy, and worked with Stephanie, who was encouraging and reassuring throughout the whole process. She found us the most amazing surrogate who is now like a member of our family. Stephanie and the whole staff at Simple Surrogacy were there every step of the way to guide us through the process and always available to answer questions. The surrogacy went smoothly and we are now the proud parents of almost 2 year old twins, Ruth and Simon! Thank you, Simple Surrogacy, for making our dreams come true!

- Nancy and Jim, Massachusetts

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