Why More Lesbians Are Considering Becoming a Surrogate

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing to start a family through surrogacy. Some of the immediate points include the costs associated with the process, understanding the family dynamics that come with surrogacy, and utilizing your resources, immediate network, or community to help find a gestational carrier. Surrogacy has helped couples who may experience issues with fertility or complications with past pregnancies, as well as queer couples that are not able to conceive a child through traditional means. The process of sperm donation and in-vitro fertilization makes pregnancy more accessible than ever to lesbian couples. With that in mind, their queer male community members have had more difficulties when starting a family due to the need for another person to physically carry the child. Because of this, more and more lesbians have stepped up and chosen to become the gestational carrier for others in their community. 

Becoming a surrogate takes great strength, commitment, and love, especially when taking on this process for a member of your community. While surrogacy can be a huge undertaking, the outcome is not just fulfilling from an emotional and monetary standpoint. As members of the LGBTQIA community, working together to make the world a more inclusive place can take the form of donating sperm or becoming a surrogate for a queer family in need.

There are many couples who want a family but cannot have one, and many surrogates who are opposed to helping them simply because of their sexual orientation. Especially in today’s climate, where hate is becoming more and more radicalized, helping a same-sex or trans couple start a family could really help the community.

A study by IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law shows queer women are more likely to fall into a lower income bracket than gay/bisexual or heterosexual males. By choosing to be a surrogate, you’re not only helping those within your community to start a family, but also getting compensated for your involvement in the process. At Simple Surrogacy, we offer one of the most competitive compensation plans for surrogates and pride ourselves on helping surrogates every step of their journey. We understand that being a surrogate is a huge undertaking–having to commit time, energy, and your body for an extended period. 

Consider surrogacy this Pride month. As you celebrate yourselves and your community, remember that there is something you can do to make an impact. If you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, please follow this link.

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