Why Become a Surrogate?

You may know someone in your life who has been a surrogate or seen a media portrayal of a brave young woman looking to help families. There are so many myths, misnomers, and misinterpretations of this beautiful gift out there. Often on television, naysayers to the person donating will say, “Don’t do it! You’ll want to keep the baby!” The truth is, surrogates are healthy, fertile people who already have families of their own and want to help others. This journey is misconstrued by the media time and time again. That is truly unfortunate for couples that need the help of a surrogate.

Surrogates do what they do for any number of reasons. Some have even mentioned how good you feel can be somewhat addicting. As the pandemic has gone on, many couples are left without options because people are not as willing to go to medical facilities, meaning that their chances to grow their families have gotten slimmer. The gift of life is something that is not hard to give. Here are some reasons to give it a try:

Help a family grow

When you become a surrogate, you give a family a chance that they may not have had otherwise to grow. The parents and their children now have the opportunity to build traditions, make memories, and share their love for the rest of their lives. Every family deserves a chance, but sometimes they need a little help from others to get started. This family will forever appreciate what you’ve done for them.

Becoming a surrogate is an act of service that goes above and beyond what society expects. Giving a family this chance they otherwise might not have had is hard to forget.

See the Impact of Your Love

Giving back to charity is something that makes you feel good, but whether you’re making an impact is hard to determine. Here, the good you do is visible. It’s living and breathing! Being a surrogate so that a family can continue to grow will change their lives forever and bring an end to a long, devastating process. Their struggle will be over because of the love you’ve shown them. Helping even one couple in this meaningful way has a ripple effect that will carry positive change.

See the Best Version of Yourself

You may surprise even yourself during your surrogacy journey. Many have reported that it enlightened them to what they wanted from themselves and their lives. They could feel what their best self looked like and understood what they had to do to achieve it. If you are ready for a change in your life or to realize what your goals ultimately are, this act of kindness can help spur that realization.

Be an Inspiration to Others

Many surrogates decide to go through the process after seeing someone else’s journey with surrogacy and hearing about how good it feels. Fear of the unknown can stop a lot of people from helping a family. Likewise, if you go through with this process, you are likely to inspire friends, family, and members of your community to give the gift of love to a family in need. Every time someone is motivated to donate eggs or become a surrogate after hearing about your experiences, your impact on families with fertility issues grows.

It’s Empowering

When you exercise your bodily autonomy in a way that many people may not understand, it fosters confidence in other areas of your life. Surrogates tend to gain confidence in their decisions despite what naysayers might think because they already know what a gift their determination made. If you can stick to your guns during this process, your life will benefit as a whole from it.

Also, you are normalizing the experience of gestational surrogacy and tilting it away from the poor portrayal it has on television. By showing others that it’s not a sacrifice, you prove that you are an infertility ally. So many people are affected by infertility and unable to conceive, no matter how desperately they want a family. This act empowers them to speak up about their journey and struggles and potentially make way for other families experiencing fertility issues to explore other options such as surrogacy or seeking out an egg donor.

Be a part of A Child’s Birth Story

Every child has a birth story, and when you are a surrogate, you become part of one. Most parents tell their children about when they were born and what the family went through to prepare for them. When they learn that a gestational surrogate was a part of their journey to birth, they know someone did something incredibly kind for their parents! Having a story be filled with the kindness of others can inspire a child to take up a profession that will impact the world positively and make them grateful for your gift forever.


We’ve talked a lot about becoming a surrogate out of the goodness of your heart. What about you? Pregnancy and doctor’s visits are expensive. Surrogates are compensated handsomely in our program, which has the best base pay rate in the country. The base donation compensation is $50,000.00 for a first-time surrogate. This price does not include expenses like lost wages, childcare, medical expenses, and travel. We offer a competitive rate because we know that your gift is worth it.

A Sense of Community

How do we know about the mental benefits of becoming a surrogate? Many members of our staff have had a surrogacy journey themselves! Our team is uniquely equipped to assist you as you set out to become a gestational surrogate. When you help intended parents by giving the gift of life, you become a member of a unique society built from support and love.

Hopefully, some of these reasons have led you closer to your decision to become a surrogate. Many families are itching to start their way in the world and desperately hoping for your kindness to help them.

For more information on becoming an egg donor, please visit this page.

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