Should I Get My Intended Parents a Gift?

 As a surrogate, you are already giving your Intended Parents the greatest gift that anyone could– a child. However, as the pregnancy progresses and the Intended Parents are getting closer to dropping the “Intended” you may feel compelled to give them a gift.

Many surrogates do give something to their Intended PArents to celebrate the child that they brought into the world together. That doesn’t mean you should buy them a stroller or a standard baby shower present!

Here are some suggestions for gifts if you’d like to give one to your Intended Parents:

A Journal or Memory Book

There are a lot of moments throughout the pregnancy that Intended Parents miss because they are not carrying the child themselves. By keeping a list of letters or memories for the parents, they have a way to look back on the nine months and every moment that was special to you.

For a truly special twist on this present, fill the book with letters directly to the Intended Parents about your day and how you’re feeling. Also include photos and keepsakes from this time.

Gift for the Baby

A good way to send the baby off into the world is a gift! This should be something heartfelt, where the baby can understand the amount of love that went into their birth just by looking at it. Consider something special to play with or a stuffed animal, so that it can stand the test of time and be a treasure of theirs forever.

Gift Basket or Food

As you know, those first couple of weeks at home with the new baby are going to be stressful and very hectic. Sending over some food through an ordering service or a gift basket is a great way to give a little bit of peace to the Intended Parents, and it’s something they’ll truly appreciate.

Keep In Contact

One of the best presents you can give the Intended Parents is to keep in contact as an extended family member. You have been such a big part of their lives for nine months, and it is doubtful that they want to lose that. 

The first few months after the birth may be incredibly stressful for the parents, and you may have to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to communication. But, your efforts will truly be appreciated.

Getting your Intended Parents a gift after the surrogacy journey is incredibly kind. You have already done a lot for them! Instead of going overboard with an expensive present, get them something heartfelt and special, something that could only come from you.

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