Why Would A Woman Want To Carry Someone Else’s Baby?

Becoming a Surrogate is one of the most rewarding gestures one can do. Being able to give the gift of life, and give a couple the opportunity to grow their family is so heartwarming. Some Surrogates feel that this is their calling, to give the gift of a child. As a Surrogate, you act as a role model to others and represent a symbol of life. At Simple Surrogacy we have years of experience working with Surrogates and want to make this whole process stress-free. 

We treat our Surrogates with respect and care! All our coordinators are previous Surrogates, so they understand what you are going through and can support you fully. We take our Surrogates on retreats and give them sentimental gifts. Our main priority is creating an amazing experience for both the Surrogate, and Intended Parents, because we believe the entire process should be a positive and live-changing one!

As a Simple Surrogacy Surrogate, we will protect you with your own attorney, and a fully-funded escrow account. Your expenses are reimbursed within days of submission, not monthly like other agencies. We offer direct deposit, so regular compensation payments will appear in your account on the first of the month. We can also advance funds for travel and pre-pay travel costs so that you do not have to spend your own money. We pay generous referral bonuses to anyone who refers a Surrogate to us who matches through our program and signs legal agreements with their Intended Parents. 

If you are deliberating about becoming a Surrogate in the United States, you are likely wondering about the demand for Surrogates in your own state. While surrogacy is popular across the United States, there are some states in which Surrogates are in higher demand than others and some states in which you can be compensated financially for your services. The average base pay for surrogacy is $40,000 for first-time Surrogates in eligible states without insurance. Base pay is suggested at $45,000 for first-time Surrogates in high-demand states without insurance, as well as for Surrogates in eligible states with insurance. For first time Surrogates in high-demand states with insurance, or experienced Surrogates in high-demand states without insurance, base pay is suggested at $50,000+. 

Finally, if you are an experienced Surrogate in an ultra high-demand state, your base suggestion is $55,000+. The base is paid in monthly installments throughout the surrogacy process once a pregnancy is confirmed by a physician. At Simple Surrogacy, we are delighted to offer a wide range of additional benefits as needed. Typically, additional benefits total up to around $7,600 in additional compensation. On average, total compensation, benefits, and expenses for surrogacy starts at $52,600 and up. Our 17 years of experience and intimate knowledge of what it takes to be a Surrogate, will make your journey the ideal, life-enhancing experience it should be! 


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