What is a Surrogate Psychological Consultation?

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Surrogate and give a deserving couple or individual the chance to start or grow their family. The team at Simple Surrogacy works hard to ensure that our Surrogates and Intended Parents are fully informed and ready to take on this big step. After a Surrogate candidate has met our general qualifications and completed our application to determine eligibility, the next step is for our potential Surrogates to have a psychological consultation. Many women who apply to become a Surrogate are intimidated by the step in the process. That’s why we decided to outline the process and alleviate some of the stigma and stress associated with this simple step!

What is a Psychological Consultation?

A psychological consultation involves the potential Surrogate meeting with a psychologist. Psychologists are experts with a doctorate, who unlike psychiatrists, provide evaluations instead of medication. The psychologist will ask a series of questions and gather information about the Surrogate for the team at Simple Surrogacy as well as the Intended Parents. The evaluation that they complete will help determine whether or not the individual applying to become a Surrogate is the right fit.

How Do I Answer the Questions?

The most important part of answering the questions that are asked by the psychiatrist is to be completely open, honest, and transparent. These questions are not meant to stop a Surrogate’s application from getting approved, instead they are asked to ensure the potential Surrogate is ready and able to complete the journey without stress or complications. Many of the questions that are asked do not have a definitive pass or fail result, instead they are designed to learn more about the individual, their life, and their current situation. 

Why Do I Need a Psychological Consultation?

The team at Simple Surrogacy has made psychological consultations mandatory to keep our Surrogates, Intended Parents, and the future children born through our process safe and stress-free. You will be asked about your past pregnancies, current living situation, family medical history, and more on this call. We find that many of our Surrogates end up benefiting from this call because they are able to receive feedback from a trained professional that they can learn from and incorporate into their daily lives!

If you’re considering becoming a Surrogate with Simple Surrogacy, don’t let the fear of having a psychological consultation stop you! Our team is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and/or concerns to ensure you are feeling happy, stress-free, and excited about your journey! Contact us today on our website or by phone at 1-866-41-SURRO to get started.


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