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Surrogacy is a big commitment. Not only for the Surrogate but also for the Intended Parents. As a Surrogate, you are committing to carrying a child for another couple who is unable to have a child of their own. When a woman signs the agreement to become a Surrogate, she is doing so with the intention of passing along the child she is carrying to another couple after the nine-month pregnancy period. It is inevitable that the Surrogate may develop some level of attachment. From feeling the baby’s movement and witnessing its development, there is really no denying the special bond that these women share with the baby they are carrying inside of them during that nine-month period. 

Regardless of the undeniable bond that is formed, the Surrogate must always remember the whole purpose of their decision to become a Surrogate is to help another couple have a family of their own. It is also normal for Intended Parents to have the fear that the Surrogate is going to want to keep the baby. These women tend to feel a strong sense of attachment, especially after spending so much time with the baby. They may feel as if they have the right to keep the child. Regardless of any biological connection, by law, a woman is technically referred to as a child’s mother if she has carried the baby since conception. Surrogacy is not equally enforceable in all states. This can mean that more problems can arise if the Surrogate has the legal option to keep the baby. Depending on where you live, this can mean that Intended Parents have no legal right to claim the baby as their own. Ultimately, this can complicate the decision making process, especially for a Surrogate who can no longer bear the thought of giving up the child. 

What makes Simple Surrogacy different from other agencies is the Texas Advantage. This means that once a child is born from surrogacy, the Surrogate releases all rights and obligations as their parent and must hand over the child to the Intended Parents once the birth occurs. Unfortunately, there are rare situations in which the Surrogate changes her mind before the contracts are actually signed. At Simple Surrogacy, we conduct an intense screening process to reduce the chances of this from occurring. However, if this happens to you, we will re-match you immediately at no additional charge. Our team at Simple Surrogacy completely understands, and relates to your longing to become parents. We understand your concerns about surrogacy from an insider’s perspective, and we want to make your experience as easy and wonderful as possible! We know how stressful and confusing the surrogacy process can be, and it is our goal as an agency to make the entire thing simple.

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