What Is The Texas Advantage And How Can It Benefit Me?

Texas Baby

Choosing Simple Surrogacy over all other surrogacy agencies in Texas comes with its advantages. Though we are located in Dallas, we will be able to connect you with surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents from a variety of other states. Keep reading for a list of advantages that come from hiring Simple Surrogacy as your surrogacy agency in Texas.

Lower Agency Fees

As a surrogacy agency located in Texas, we are able to charge lower agency fees because of the lack of income tax in this state. Other surrogacy agencies in other states are required to pay a high percentage of income tax, resulting in higher prices. With no income tax in our state, we are able to cut 10% off the cost right off the bat. Moreover, the cost of living in Texas is 10-15% lower than other states, resulting in a cheaper price for you. Therefore, it is clear that surrogacy in Texas is the way to go!

Married Couples Texas Advantage

Texas surrogacy laws ensure that married couples residing in Texas have the additional advantage of legalized gestational surrogacy. The fully protected Texas surrogacy laws allow surrogacy agencies in Texas to operate easily.

Gestational Surrogacy Arrangements

Texas surrogacy laws are dominant and in 2003, guidelines were released for gestational surrogacy agreements. There is a set of rules that discuss what should be included in a gestational surrogacy agreement to eliminate any issues regarding the legal parents of the child, the surrogate, or more. In Texas, the intended parents of the child are the legal parents, not the surrogate mother. This is advantageous for couples looking to go through surrogacy agencies in Texas.

For more information regarding the Texas Advantage, visit Simple Surrogacy’s website today!

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