How to become a Surrogate in Texas

 surrogate in texas

Surrogacy is a process that allows a deserving individual or couple who cannot have a child on their own, have a baby. If you are thinking about becoming a surrogate in Texas, there are many benefits to choosing surrogacy agencies in Texas. This blog will show you how you can become a surrogate in Texas and take advantage of all the benefits!

How to become a Surrogate in Texas

Becoming a surrogate is a very rewarding experience. The first step in the process is to meet the following qualifications

  • Be a citizen/legal resident/legal immigrant of the U.S.A
  • Aged 21-40
  • Have previously given birth without complications
  • Have an average BMI
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a stable living situation with supportive partner (if applicable)
  • Able to pass a background check
  • No STI’s
  • No smoking, drugs, etc.
  • No tattoos or piercings in the last year

If you’d like to learn about the remaining qualifications that a surrogate must meet, visit our website!

If you meet all the qualifications, you can reach out to us via phone or email. We will then send you a profile and application to fill out. Once you have completed these, we ask that you return them with two current pictures of yourself (one of your face and one full length). If you are opting to become a Traditional Surrogate, we ask that you send us a minimum of 10 photos ranging from infancy to adulthood.

After this stage we will review your application, medical records, etc., and then run a background check prior to meeting you. Once you have passed the background check we can begin the process of matching you.

Benefits of being a Surrogate in Texas

When you become a surrogate in Texas, you gain access to the Texas Advantage. The Texas Advantage is a series of advantages that comes with being a surrogacy agency in Texas. The main advantage is the cost of the process. In Texas, we have the ability to operate with no state taxes. This means lower costs for us and lower costs for you.

If you would like to become a surrogate in Texas and are looking for surrogacy agencies in Texas, contact Simple Surrogacy today. Our team of experts are experienced and can provide you with the smoothest surrogacy process possible. Visit us online or call us today at 1-866-41-SURRO to learn more about us!

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