Will Egg Donation Affect Future Fertility?

When you choose to become an egg donor, you are making the decision to help change an individual or couples life forever. This is an extremely selfless act, but even if you know you are willing to help, many times women are still concerned about the risk to their own fertility. We understand this concern and that’s why this blog will look at some of the most common questions we hear about egg donation and its effect on future fertility.

Will egg donation use up my eggs?

This myth is common and in fact, just a myth. According to WebMD, “At birth, there are approximately 1 million to 2 million eggs; by the time of puberty, about 300,000 remain. Of these, only about 500 will be ovulated during a woman’s reproductive lifetime.” That is a lot of eggs! During your menstrual cycle, between 15-20 eggs mature but only one follicle reaches full maturity and releases an egg for ovulation. What happens to the rest of the eggs? They stop growing and are discarded. However when you decide to become an egg donor, you will receive medication that will cause all of these eggs to fully develop. This means you’re not losing any eggs that wouldn’t normally be discarded!

Will the fertility medication hurt my eggs?

No. All of the medication that is used during the egg donation process is to increase your hormones and mature the eggs and once this process is done, so is the medication! This means that once you have donated your eggs, the medication will be stopped and the effects will stop as well.

What are the risks associated with egg donation? Will they affect my fertility?

Egg donation is a very safe procedure, but as with any medical procedure, there are some associated risks. These risks however are extremely rare. Here is a list of some of the possible risks:

  • Bruising or hemorrhaging of the ovary from the needle used to retrieve the eggs
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is nowadays a very rare occurrence. OHSS is a series of negative side effects that are experienced over a two-week period following the release of a large number of eggs. This condition is caused by high hormone levels from hyper stimulated and enlarged ovaries due to fertility drugs, particularly FSH, used for egg growth
  • In very rare cases, OHSS can lead to a condition called ovarian torsion. Ovarian torsion is a condition where an ovary twists which results in severe pain and possible damage to the ovary. The risk of ovarian torsion is less than 1%. To reduce your risk even further it is advised that you take it easy with exercise and high impact activities while you’re donating (running, horseback riding, etc.)

We work with some of the best reproductive endocrinologists in the country because we want our clients to receive the best care possible. If you have more questions about these rare risks, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team. We are more than happy to discuss any of the risks and provide you with more information.

What can I do to protect my fertility?

If you are concerned about protecting your fertility, egg donation should not be a concern. There are many ways that you can protect your fertility by making changes in your daily life.

Stay Active

Staying active is a big part of keeping your body and mind healthy. This goes for the health of your eggs too! Being overweight or even underweight can have a dramatic effect of your ability to conceive. A proper diet and exercise regimen can help keep your BMI in an ideal range and therefore improve your chances of getting pregnant!

Quit Smoking

Smoking is an overall bad habit that has negative effects on your body, including your eggs. The damage to cells from smoking extends even to your ovaries and it can therefore damage your eggs. Smoking has also been linked to early menopause which is the end of any chances of getting pregnant.  

See a Doctor

It is always important to see a doctor. Your sexual and cervical health is extremely important when it comes to your fertility. Making sure to practice safe sex and getting regularly checked for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is a good way to ensure that your body is happy and healthy. It is also important to keep up to date with your PAPs and listen to your doctor when it comes to your health!

Fertility Check

Tired of not knowing what your eggs are doing? Why not take advantage of the latest technology and medical advances and have a fertility check! This testing will provide you with a look at your biological clock as well as your ovarian reserve and hormone levels. You can also talk to the doctor about freezing your eggs so that you don’t have to worry as much about the timing of getting pregnant.

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that staying hydrated has a big part in your ability to get pregnant? If you don’t drink enough water your cervical fluid can slow down which means the sperm will have a harder time finding the egg!


Are any of the medications that you’re on affecting your ability to conceive? Many medications should not be taken by individuals who are pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant. Make sure to read the labels or ask your doctor about your medication and its effect on your fertility!

The Simple Surrogacy Difference

At Simple Surrogacy we always put you first. Our team knows the process of egg donation inside and out because many of them are past donors and surrogates! This means that they can provide you with information that people who have not gone through the process cannot. This understanding and connection is something that you will only find at Simple Surrogacy.
If you’re considering becoming an egg donor with Simple Surrogacy, contact us today! Our team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. If you begin your egg donation journey today, a deserving individual or couple will be one step closer to starting or growing their family!

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