Why Can’t I Become a Surrogate Mother if I Haven’t Had Children?

Simple Surrogacy, like all surrogacy agencies, has certain surrogate mother requirements that women who wish to pursue giving the gift of life to others must first fulfill to ensure a great pregnancy experience for everyone. If you would like to become a surrogate mother for Simple Surrogacy, you must already have had and be caring for at least one child of your own. You might wonder what the reason is for this particular surrogate mother requirement. Here, we will explore further the logic behind the requirement that all surrogate mothers must first have had their own child.

Having Your Own Child is a Sign of Commitment

Surrogate mothers who have already had a child of their own have shown that they are committed to their own family. Being committed is a quality that Simple Surrogacy is looking for in potential surrogate mothers. If you have already had a successful pregnancy, you know what to expect during the nine months that you will be carrying a child. You also understand how important family is, and value the gift of family that you will be giving to your Intended Parents.  It is our hope that you will also be committed to the surrogacy process and giving intended parents a child of their own. This is one reason for the surrogate mother requirement that you must already have a child.

Proof that You Are Fertile

If you have a child of your own already when you apply to become a surrogate mother with Simple Surrogacy, you possess living proof that you are fertile. You have already carried at least one pregnancy to term and have successfully delivered at least one baby. You know, and have medical records showing that you can achieve these tasks. If you have not had a child of your own yet, you really do not even know if you can carry a pregnancy to term and/or give birth. This is why having had a child of your own is such an important part of becoming a surrogate mother.

Legal Requirements

In States where there are Gestational Carrier Statutes (laws) there are also additional requirements that must be met to be a Surrogate. In Texas, as well as many other states with Surrogacy laws, Surrogates must have successfully carried a pregnancy to term. If a Surrogate had not carried a pregnancy to term, she would not be legally qualified in those states to be a Surrogate.

Minimizing Risks to the Intended Parents

Women who are considering becoming a surrogate mother for Simple Surrogacy should also have at least one successful pregnancy of their own to give intended parents the best possible chance at a successful pregnancy. Many intended parents have already spent thousands of dollars and many years on other methods such as unsuccessful infertility treatments. By the time they decide on surrogacy, they will want to work with a surrogate mother who has a proven track record of carrying a baby to term.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

Having given birth to a child of your own is just one of the fundamental surrogate mother requirements that Simple Surrogacy asks its surrogate mother applicants to fulfill. Others include:

  • Being between the ages of 21 and 40
  • Having given birth to at least one child of your own
  • Having had a successful full-term pregnancy and delivery
  • Having had complication-free pregnancies and deliveries
  • Having enjoyed being pregnant in the past
  • Being motivated to help others create or add to their families
  • Being a U.S. citizen, legal resident or legal immigrant
  • Having a body mass index (BMI) under 33
  • Not having traveled to a Zika-infected country during the past six months
  • Not smoking, taking illegal drugs or being exposed to secondhand smoke
  • Being willing to pass a background check
  • Having a valid driver’s license
  • Having reliable transportation for doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • Not being on public assistance
  • Providing information of your past doctors or obstetricians and consent so that we may obtain your medical records
  • Having had no tattoos or piercings in the past 12 months
  • Being in a stable living situation (for at least the past seven years)
  • Not having psychiatric illness
  • Not taking medication for depression or anxiety
  • Being willing to review your surrogacy agreement with an attorney
  • Having the support of your partner or spouse, if applicable
  • Being willing to abstain from alcohol during the surrogacy process
  • Being willing to adhere to contractual obligations during the surrogacy process
  • Being willing to take medications that are necessary throughout the surrogacy process (including injections)
  • Not having sexually transmitted diseases that would endanger you or the baby

Are There Other Ways I Can Contribute If I Haven’t Had a Baby?

Yes! If you have never given birth to a child of your own, you can still make a valuable contribution and help intended parents to pursue the family of which they’ve always dreamed. How? By becoming an egg donor! At Simple Surrogacy, having had a successful pregnancy is not a requirement in order to be an egg donor. As long as you meet the following requirements, you can donate eggs at Simple Surrogacy:

  • Be between the ages of 18-30
  • Be a resident of the United States or Canada
  • Have a BMI of 33 or lower
  • Have no medical conditions that are genetically carried
  • Not be a smoker
  • Not take illegal drugs
  • Not be dependent on alcohol
  • Not have a psychiatric illness
  • Have had a pap smear within the past 12 months
  • Not have sexually transmitted diseases
  • Have at least a high school education
  • Be willing to not have sexual intercourse during the egg donation process (usually about one month)
  • Not be on Norplant
  • Not have had a Depo Provera shot for the past eight months
  • Not have had any tattoos or piercings in the past year
  • Have a real desire to help others in creating or adding to their family
  • Be dependable and commit to attending all required appointments
  • Be willing to follow doctor’s instructions
  • Know at least half of your genetic makeup

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother (or an egg donor) and giving the gift of live to others, contact Simple Surrogacy today! We are available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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