Three Types of Egg Donor Arrangements

If you are contemplating becoming an egg donor for Simple Surrogacy, thank you! Your generosity and willingness to help intended parents by donating your eggs is greatly appreciated by them and by us. Before you make the decision to donate your eggs, it is important for you to understand that we handle three types of egg donor arrangements. Each type will be examined in-depth here.

Open Egg Donor Arrangement

In what is known as an open egg donor arrangement, all of the information between the egg donor and the intended parents is shared. This means that the intended parents receive your full name, possibly address, and possibly email, and you receive the same information about them. Additionally, in an open egg donor arrangement, the intended parents and egg donor agree to maintain communication during the child’s lifetime. They mutually decide how to maintain this communication, whether it is in writing, by email, in person, or some other format that is mutually agreed upon.
There are two potential scenarios in which an open egg donor arrangement might be used. One is that intended parents come to Simple Surrogacy looking for an egg donor, with the idea that they want a completely open arrangement with her. The other scenario in which this type of egg donor arrangement could be used would occur when the intended parents want to use an egg donor whom they already know and who has already agreed to assist them in conceiving a baby.
In either type of open egg donor arrangement, the egg donor is able to review all of the information about the intended parents before making a decision to work with them. If the intended parents agree, the egg donor may even speak with them in person or by phone prior to making a decision to become their egg donor.
If you choose an open egg donor arrangement, you could figure prominently in the life of the child (if both sides agree on this). You should make sure to have your arrangement specified in a written contract, so that both parties agree on what will happen after the child’s birth. In this way, there will be no confusion as to the amount of contact you will maintain with the child after its birth or about the ways in which you will maintain this contact. Simple Surrogacy can assist you in this process.

Semi-Open Egg Donor Arrangement

The second type of egg donor arrangement handled by Simple Surrogacy is known as a semi-open egg donor arrangement. This arrangement is a bit of a compromise between an open arrangement and an anonymous arrangement, possessing some features of each type of egg donor arrangement. Under a semi-open egg donor arrangement, the intended parents and the egg donor each receive some information about the other (for example, possibilities include first names, where they live, etc.). A semi-open egg donor arrangement also allows the egg donor to have the choice to contact the intended parents in the future, if desired.
A semi-open egg donor arrangement provides flexibility on the parts of the intended parents and the egg donor. As long as both sides agree, contact by either party could be made during the future life of the child. No decisions on contact have to be made immediately in this type of egg donor arrangement. However, it leaves the door open for future contact between the parties.
Some intended parents prefer a semi-open egg donor arrangement, as they can also contact the egg donor if they have questions about genetics or health. Most intended parents will also notify the egg donor when pregnancy occurs under a semi-open egg donor arrangement.

Anonymous Egg Donor Arrangement

At Simple Surrogacy, the majority of donors and intended parents prefer what is called an anonymous egg donor arrangement. In this type of egg donor arrangement, neither the intended parents nor the egg donor receives any information about each other. They will never come into contact with each other, either now or in the future. All communication that must occur between the intended parents and the egg donor will be handled by a Simple Surrogacy representative. Legal contracts will also maintain anonymity, with only the first names of the intended parents and egg donor being shown to each other.
Although there will be no contact between the intended parents and the egg donor under this type of egg donor arrangement, intended parents may still choose their egg donor based on her personal and physical characteristics. They will use her egg donor profile and receive this type of general information about her, but no specific particulars will be given to them. Additionally, egg donors under an anonymous egg donor arrangement will likely not be told if and when a pregnancy occurs using their eggs.
In our experience, most intended parents and egg donors feel a greater degree of comfort when working under an anonymous egg donor arrangement. This type of egg donor arrangement also prevents any potential future problems, as neither side knows the other and therefore has no information from which to contact them.

Compensation for Egg Donors

At Simple Surrogacy, egg donors are highly valued. Compensation for an egg donor at our agency is an average of $7000 per egg donation cycle. A woman is usually advised not to donate eggs more than six times in her lifetime.  In addition to this financial compensation, an egg donor working for Simple Surrogacy will also be reimbursed for expenses relating to the procedure.
No matter which type of egg donor arrangement you as a potential egg donor prefer, Simple Surrogacy can work with you to find the right placement for you. You may decide which type of egg donor arrangement you want to have before we submit your egg donor profile to intended parents for their review. Simple Surrogacy invites you to explore the process of egg donation and ask us any questions that you may have about the procedure. We welcome new egg donors and will work to make your experience as uncomplicated, lucrative, and pleasant as possible. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor with Simple Surrogacy, contact us for more information.

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