The Link Between Acupuncture and Pregnancy

Acupuncture has an extensive history throughout the world but is thought to have originated in China thousands of years ago. Sharpened stones or bones were used to tap into specific meridians in the body in order to help relieve certain ailments. The practice has changed a lot since then as practitioners today use stainless-steel needles to stimulate the meridians in the body. By unblocking specific channels of energy, a person may experience a variety of positive physical changes, many of which can benefit a woman’s fertility.

Reducing Stress

One of the common causes of infertility is having too much stress. When a woman is experiencing chronic stress, her ovulation cycle may also be altered, making it more difficult for her to become pregnant on her most fertile days. Stress can also cause issues related to the fertilization and implantation of the egg in the uterus. Thankfully, acupuncture has been highly valued for its benefits related to stress-relief and relaxation throughout the years and may be an effective treatment option for certain circumstances of female infertility.

Relief From Morning Sickness

One of the first and most common signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. While every woman’s experience is different, this symptom can involve heartburn, vomiting, and bouts of nausea, all of which may occur in drastically varying severities. While diet and over-the-counter medications have been known to alleviate morning sickness, acupuncture is an alternative remedy that can effectively treat and ease these unpleasant symptoms.

Pain Relief and Other Benefits

Painful cramps during pregnancy and after childbirth often occur in a woman’s legs, hips, and back. However, using this ancient Chinese alternative medicine can help relieve pain in these areas for a smoother pregnancy and recovery. In fact, some studies even show that when acupuncture is used during labor, it can actually shorten the length of time required for childbirth.

Of course, pregnancy is an incredibly emotional time as well. Between the hormonal changes, the weight gain, and other physical changes, pregnancy can sometimes cause anxiety and depression in some women. In situations such as these, acupuncture has demonstrated significant positive results on a woman’s mental and emotional well-being.

It should be noted that when a woman seeks out this type of treatment, it’s best to visit a  licensed practitioner who has experience dealing with infertility and pregnancy. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (214) 673-9321 for more information today!

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