The Basics of a C-Section

The Basics of a C-Section

While a natural childbirth might be the way you envisioned the end of your pregnancy, the Intended Parent’s child inside you might have other ideas! Few surrogate mothers intend on giving birth in this manner, but it should be planned for regardless. In the event that you require a C-section, you will want to know what it entails and what the procedure holds in store for you.

Here’s some basic information to consider.

Contractions Will Likely Continue

Although you will receive an anesthetic prior to the commencement of the C-section procedure, you will likely continue to feel contractions. Mentally and physically, this may be the most difficult part of the birth process. Preparing for this and knowing about it ahead of time will help you prepare mentally for the pain that will come.

The Procedure Is Rather Quick

While it is true that a C-section is considered a surgical procedure, the entire process, from the incision to the baby being born and you receiving stitches, typically lasts no longer than an hour. As a surrogate mother-to-be, knowing the relatively short duration of the procedure can help to calm your anxiety about it.

Prepare for a Flood of Emotions

Having a C-section will bring on a flood of emotions, particularly if you had your heart and mind focused on having a natural birth. These emotions are perfectly normal, as they have been building up inside of you for the better part of nine months. Remember that a C-section is meant to bring a healthy and happy baby into the world. While it might not be your first choice for delivery, your physicians have opted for this procedure in the best interest of both mother and child.

At Simple Surrogacy, we take pride in caring for our surrogate mothers. We’re also at the disposal of our surrogates 24/7. If you have any questions, contact us through our website or give us a call at (214) 673-9321.

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