Surrogacy in Texas: The Benefits


Choosing to become a surrogate is one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences on this earth. When you make this decision not only are you transforming the life of the intended parent(s), you are also transforming your life. If you are considering becoming a surrogate, there are many benefits affiliated with becoming a surrogate in Texas and selecting Simple Surrogacy as your agency.

The Simple Surrogacy Difference

There are many things that set Simple Surrogacy a part from their competition. For one, Simple Surrogacy has been a Better Business Bureau A+ rated business for over 15 years. This means that we have been going above and beyond the call of our clients for over a decade and a half. There are many other reasons why Simple Surrogacy is a top choice for your surrogacy journey.

Referral Bonus

At Simple Surrogacy, we are always looking for more surrogates. That’s why we offer our surrogates a $1,000 bonus when they refer someone who wants to become a surrogate!


There are many levels of compensation that Simple Surrogacy offers to their surrogates. Some of these include:

Gestational Surrogate Base Compensation
Paid to Surrogate in 8 equal installments over the course of the pregnancy, beginning with confirmation of pregnancy via heartbeat through ultrasound.

First time Surrogate
$35,000 Average, All Eligible states (Not LA, MI, NE, NY)

First time Surrogate with lnsurance coveríng materníty (no Exclusions or payback)
$35,000 – in TX, NV, $40,000 in CA, CO, CT, IL, ME, MA, MH, NJ, NV, OR, WA, VT,

Traditional Surrogates
Starting at $40,000

Experienced Surrogates
Starting at $40,000+ – Experienced Surrogates name their own compensation within reason.

All of our compensation is held in a Bonded Escrow account, that is endorsed by Men Having Babies. This provides our surrogates and intended parents with the peace of mind that their money is being properly handled. At Simple Surrogacy there is also no permission required from Intended Parents to reimburse or pay you like in 3rd party escrow accounts.

The main compensation aspect that sets us apart is that our Surrogate’s expenses are reimbursed weekly, not monthly like other agencies, and we offer direct deposit. We also offer the option of advancing your travel costs so you do not have to spend your own money.

Our Staff

Another thing that makes Simple Surrogacy different than the competition is that we are an agency that is solely run and owned by women who are previous surrogates and egg donors. This means that our team understands exactly what you are going through and can provide you with support and answers to any of your questions 24/7 by phone. Our program director Stephanie Scott is also a former surrogate and is available to discuss any concerns 24/7.

Since all of our staff understand exactly what you are going through, we are able to provide each and everyone of our clients with the respect, support, and understanding that they deserve. Many people who work with our agency opt to become a surrogacy coordinator after their journey is complete so that they can provide future surrogates with the same level of attention and comfort that they received when they began their journey. We also take care of the legal aspect of surrogacy and provide our surrogates with their own attorney.

Surrogates Choice

At Simple Surrogacy, we let our surrogates choose their Intended Parents. This means that there is no forced matching unlike at many other surrogacy agencies. Our surrogates can browse the intended parents profile, read about them, and get to know them before you choose to carry their child. Once you select a match, the intended parents will gain access to your profile and if you both agree, we will begin the surrogacy process with a monitored phone call!

After the Birth

The Simple Surrogacy difference does not end immediately after you have given birth. We offer our surrogates personalized push gifts and the option of a retreat or a getaway if they would like. We do this so that our surrogates realize how much their selfless act truly means to us and to the intended parent(s).

The Texas Advantage

One of the main reasons to consider pursuing your surrogacy journey in Texas is the Texas advantage. Texas does not have a state tax which means that you make more money as the agency does not need to tax your payment.

Married Couples Texas Advantage

In Texas, married couples have the advantage of strong laws that legalize their Gestational Surrogacy. This means that married couples are fully protected by the Texas laws.

Gestational Surrogacy Arrangements

In 2003, gestational arrangements were enacted in Texas under the Assisted Reproductive Technology law (ART). This means that there are legal guidelines for gestational agreements which ensures that a Texas court can recognize the legitimacy of the intended parents being the child’s legal parents, regardless of biology. This agreement is valid as long as the surrogate mother and intended parents enter into a gestational agreement a minimum of 14 days before the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother. Some more benefits that come from this Texas law include:

  • Gestational agreements are valid and enforceable in Texas
  • The surrogate may be compensated
  • IPs are recognized as the legal parents of the child upon his or her birth certificate
  • No need for an adoption or secondary legal work
  • Married couples who do not live in Texas can also take advantage of the Texas law if their surrogate lives here.
  • Supports gestational surrogacies where the IPs both have genetic relationship to the child
  • Supports gestational surrogacies where only one Intended Parent has genetic relationship to the child
  • Supports gestational surrogacies where both egg donor and sperm donor are used, and Intended Parents have no genetic relationship to the child

Unfortunately, single and non-married couples cannot take advantage of this Texas statute, but it is not considered illegal. We offer experienced associate attorneys to help you gain full parental rights to your children.

If you are considering a surrogacy journey in Texas, contact the experts at Simple Surrogacy today! We can help answer any of your questions and ensure that you are confident, educated, and ready to begin your surrogacy! Call us toll-free today at 1-866-41-SURRO or visit us online.

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