Simple Surrogacy Spotlight on Aimee Schaedig -Surrogate Support Coordinator

Aimee is a Surrogate Support Coordinator at Simple Surrogacy. Currently residing in California but a true Texan at heart. She’s been married since 2012 and has two amazing sons of her own.

Aimee carried twins for two separate sets of IPs through Simple Surrogacy. She completed her first journey in 2016 and her second journey in 2019. Aimee’s passion for surrogacy is what made her want to work with other surrogates and enjoys the relationships that she develops with them.

Surrogate Support Coordinator

Aimee is responsible for the ongoing support of the matched Surrogates in our program. She checks on each of her Surrogates regularly to answer any questions they have and to offer them support and encouragement throughout their journey. Aimee also reports back to our Executive Program Director weekly and our Senior Intended Parent Support Coordinator with frequent updates on the Surrogates’ journey and promptly addresses any questions or concerns they may have.

Senior Intended Parent Support Coordinator

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