Why Simple Surrogacy is Like No Other Surrogacy Agency

Parenthood is a desired dream for many individuals and couples. Whether you started your family the traditional way or started with some assistance, you are a parent no matter what. For those who want to start a family of their own and are thinking about surrogacy, Simple Surrogacy is the right surrogate agency for you. Founded in 2002 we serve to assist couples and individuals that desire to achieve a family through third party assisted reproduction.

We understand that this is an emotional, personal and exciting time for you, and we can promise that choosing our agency for your surrogacy process is the right choice!

What Would Be Your Experience with Simple Surrogacy?

At Simple Surrogacy you are not just a client, you are a friend. We take the time to hear the story of each individual or couple that comes to us and ensure that your experience with us is as personal and special as possible. Being one of the biggest surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the United States, you can ensure that we have the experience, knowledge, and connections for a seamless process.

At Simple Surrogacy, we match recipients and donors quickly. Finding your perfect surrogate match is the first step of your journey with us. We are proud to say that we have one of the largest databases of available surrogates, and with so many applicants it is crucial that we go through the right steps to ensure each potential surrogate meets all of the requirements. At Simple Surrogacy we take finding the perfect candidate very seriously. Each individual is screened, background checked, financial checked, and criminal checked, which includes a psychological screening by a mental health professional.

Simple Surrogacy provides professional coordination throughout your journey with us. We will be with you every step of the way throughout the entire process. We work closely with your medical clinics to ensure that your surrogate and egg donor arrive at their appointments on time and our coordinators check on your surrogates weekly to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing well. You can rest peacefully at night knowing that we are available 24/7 if any problems were to arise, and that we will be there to help resolve them. We will create a very smooth, easy, and stress-free journey.

Working with Simple Surrogacy you can expect a professional relationship with clinics. We have relationships with top IVF clinics in the U.S. and can offer preferred rates at these clinics to clients.

Why Choose Simple Surrogacy

At Simple Surrogacy we have the credibility to back up our agency and services. We have been nationally recognized in the press and have been featured in a number of articles that appeared in USA Today, The LA Times, CBC National news radio, Dallas Child Magazine, and more.

Beyond being a credible agency, we also have an advantage by being located in Dallas, Texas. Being located in Dallas, Texas allows us to work easily across the country. We work with anyone who is located in a state where surrogacy is legal. We also work with international couples or individuals. If you are looking to start a surrogacy journey and are located in another country, we will work with you and guide you throughout the entire process. No matter where you live, with Simple Surrogacy you will have the support, attention, and professional guidance you necessary for a successful surrogacy experience, and will be able to achieve your parenthood dream in any state or country!

We Make your Experience a Positive One

At Simple Surrogacy we understand that every individual or couple has their own unique situation when entering this experience. We promise that we will be there to guide you throughout the whole process,  from start to finish. From finding you a surrogate mother, to the final months leading up to the birth, we will provide you with anything and everything that you need.

Tips From Us Before You Start This Journey

Choosing to go through and experience the surrogacy process is an incredible and worthwhile decision. However, before you commit to it, you should prepare yourself for this journey. Here are some things to prepare for:

  • Keep an open mind about this process. You may have your doubts at first, but that is why there are agencies out there like us to make you feel comfortable about the process, and offer you the proper guidance you will need.
  • Ask questions. It is important to ask any questions you may have about this process, to fully understand how surrogacy works. Visit our FAQ page to read about some frequently asked questions.
  • Feel comfortable and confident in knowing that another woman will be carrying your baby, and will be on this journey with you.
  • Lastly, have trust in your agency. At Simple Surrogacy, we have years of experience and a number of successful surrogacy stories to show that with Simple Surrogacy you will have a positive experience.

Your Surrogate Mother

Choosing surrogacy means that there will be a significant addition to your family. The surrogate mother carrying your child is now the third member of this process, and it is up to you, the Intended Parents, to work as a team. Many Intended Parents find that they do in fact have a positive relationship with their surrogate and that their relationship stays strong even after the journey is over.

Surrogacy relationships require strong communication and empathy from both parties. The Intended Parents need to show empathy towards the surrogate mother, as she will have worries and questions of her own regarding the process. On the other hand, the surrogate has to understand that the Intended Parents don’t have control over the pregnancy, which may become difficult at times. Trust is very important throughout this journey and if problems do arise, that’s why we are here.

We are here to solve any issues and help both sides. We support Intended Parents in order for them to achieve their dreams of parenthood and we also strive to make this process positive and seamless for the surrogate, in hopes that they would want to take part in a surrogacy process again one day.

A Personal Story

Dr. Evan Goldstein and his partner Andrew Yu are excellent examples of a successful surrogacy journey with Simple Surrogacy. Evan and Andrew have twin boys, Phoenix and Sebastian, who they had through surrogacy. They live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and could not be happier with their little family. Living in Manhattan, Evan and Andrew knew it was going to be difficult to raise children in such a lively city, and they were right. Not only is it hard to raise kids in a fast paced environment, but raising kids in general is hard work. Just like parents who had their children the traditional way, these parents have the same struggles and parenting hurdles to overcome that all parents have when they become parents and start raising their kids.

Evan and Andrew do an excellent job teaching their children about staying humble, despite their high class lifestyle. They also teach them about proper values and morals, as all parents do. What their story teaches us is that no matter if you started your family the traditional way, or by using surrogacy, your family is still your family despite the path you took to parenthood.

Simple Surrogacy brought Evan and Andrew’s family together and gave them the gift of parenthood and the gift of life. To read more about Evan and Andrew’s family and lifestyle visit Gays with Kids and read their story, “Raising Grounded Kids is Crazy Manhattan”.

Let Simple Surrogacy be your guide on your journey to surrogacy. There is nothing that makes us happier than creating a Family and impacting a couple’s or individual’s life in a positive way.

Stay informed and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for all things surrogacy!

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