Questions To Ask a Surrogate Agency

Once you’ve decided to pursue surrogacy, the next step is to figure out how you are going to find the right woman to be your surrogate. Some intended parents are able to find a family member or friend to act as their surrogate. If you are lucky enough to be one of those few, Simple Surrogacy still offers coordination programs so that you can have help navigating the complex world of surrogacy. You will still need clinical guidance, an escrow account for expenses and possibly compensation, and legal contracts.
If a family member as a surrogate is not an option, intended parents are left to find a surrogate by some other means. In this case, many intended parents turn to a surrogate agency because the process involves many medical, legal and financial issues.
Surrogate agencies are experienced in all of these areas. They can guide intended parents step-by-step through the process. There are many surrogate agencies available, so how can intended parents make the choice about which agency is the right agency for them? We have put together a list of questions to ask a surrogate agency to help narrow it down.

Questions About the Agency

How long has the agency operated?
How many surrogate arrangements has the agency facilitated in the past year?
You’ll want to find a surrogate agency that has not only been in business for a while, but one that also has a good track record. Agencies should provide references and should have experience in a wide variety of surrogacy situations. There are also independent sites that have reviews of Surrogacy Agencies, like Men Having Babies, that prospective Intended Parents can review to narrow down their search.

Questions About the Process

How long does it usually take to find a surrogate?
Are the agency surrogates pre-screened?
How does the agency recruit surrogates?
How does the surrogate matching process work?
It’s a good idea to understand the average length of time it takes to find a surrogate and how the agency chooses potential surrogates. Agencies should fully pre-screen potential surrogates in a wide variety of ways.

Financial Questions

What are the agency fees?
Is the money intended for the surrogate held in escrow?
How close are the cost estimates that you provide to what your clients actually pay?
Does the agency monitor, track and pay surrogate expenses? If so, what is the process? Is there a limit to expenses?
A good surrogate agency will tell you cost estimates and fees up front, and the estimates should be close to actual costs. Additionally, you want to know how surrogates are paid, that your money is held safely until it is disbursed and that surrogates are accountable for expenses.

Services Offered

Is someone available to answer questions or help with emergencies 24/7?
Are counseling services provided to surrogates and intended parents?
 Do you offer any post-surrogacy support?
How do you handle unexpected developments in the surrogacy process?
The best agencies have coordinators available around the clock to help surrogates and intended parents. Counseling should be available before, during and after pregnancy.

Legal Issues

Has the agency ever been sued by intended parents or surrogates?
Does the agency provide or refer legal services to intended parents or surrogates?
A reputable surrogate agency follows all laws and takes the legal aspect of surrogacy very seriously. Surrogate agencies can recommend experienced attorneys but should allow you to choose your own representation.

A Final Question

What makes your agency different than other agencies, and why should we use you?
Because there are so many choices of surrogate agencies, this is probably the most important question you can ask. You’ll learn what makes each agency different, what each agency is most proud of, and hopefully, you’ll hear an answer that resonates with you.  At Simple Surrogacy we are female owned and have several key staff members that are previous egg donors and surrogates! We have the experience, empathy and patience to walk you through every step.  We love what we

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