Paying for Surrogacy: How Much it Costs and How to Afford It

The joyful decision to pursue surrogacy can also evoke a bit of financial concern. After all, the cost of surrogacy is a significant hurdle for many families. Though this feeling is normal, this worry doesn’t need to overshadow the excitement of the experience. With a greater understanding of how much surrogacy costs, financing options and ways that other parents pay for surrogacy, it is possible to manage any initial confusion or discouragement.
Your surrogacy agency acts as a point person to help you fully comprehend the process both emotionally and financially. Most likely, your agency has worked with thousands of families in your exact same position. They understand that a healthy financial plan is one of the main keys to a smooth surrogacy process.
Simple Surrogacy, for example, works with lending companies, medical professionals and legal counsels that specifically understand the fertility process. Flexibility and payment plans allow intended parents to pursue surrogacy at the time of their lives that is best for them.
No matter which financing option is best for you, it’s important to have a full understanding of surrogacy costs before moving forward.
Another good resource to pursue is your employer. Many major employees offer insurance coverage that can be used for surrogacy expenses, and some even offer surrogacy reimbursement for travel costs, or even surrogate compensation. Resolve, the National Infertility organization, offers guidance for how to talk to your employer, and ask for surrogacy coverage. They have a page that even gives you a script for talking to your employer and what might be possible for coverage or insurance options. learn more at: Resolve.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Due to state-by-state laws and regulations, the range of surrogacy costs varies quite a bit. For example, some states do not allow surrogacy compensation, while in other states such as California, the demand for a surrogate mother is quite high, therefore increasing average compensation rates.
Surrogacy costs range between $90,000 to $150,000. So, what does this amount cover? For the most part—depending the on the agency—this total includes agency and legal fees, matching and medical costs, surrogate compensations and additional costs for travel, medications and insurance. The wide range here accounts for different costs in different states, differences in surrogate compensation and surrogate replacement wages, as well as the differences between twins and singleton pregnancies.

Agency Fees

Surrogacy agencies ensure that every detail is properly managed both legally and logistically from start to finish. This way, all you need to do as intended parents is focus on having a child and preparing your home for their arrival. For some agencies, including Simple Surrogacy, the agency fee covers all psychological evaluation costs, background checks and the surrogate mother and recruitment process. Make sure there are not additional fees or costs that you must pay on top of the cost to get through the surrogacy. Simple Surrogacy includes all necessary costs in one simple, easy fee.
There are many necessary parties involved in surrogacy, including legal teams, doctors and counselors, just to name a few. The surrogacy agency fee covers all coordination, so you never have to wonder about tying up loose ends as you move through each phase. Agencies also have an extensive understanding of their own state’s laws, cutting down on time and energy spent researching the process yourselves.

Legal Fees

Once the surrogate mother and intended parents are matched, a specialized surrogacy legal team steps in to write up a contract for both parties. In this contract, everything from communication with the surrogate mother to letters of clearance for all medical procedures. Most importantly, the lawyer will write up the pre-birth order.
In some cases, such as if intended parents prefer to use their own legal team or if they live outside the state of the agency, additional outside costs can be necessary.
Though agencies predetermine surrogate compensation, the legal team will also specify added compensation in the event of complications or necessary bed rest.

Additional Matching Costs

Some agencies charge additional matching costs outside of their agency charge. As noted above, Simple Surrogacy includes this service in the general agency fee. The surrogate mother matching process involves building personalized profiles, connecting with pre-screened surrogates and eventually interviewing possible matches. Intended parents are also responsible for travel costs to meet and visit the surrogate if they live outside their area.

Surrogate Compensation

Texas is one of the many states that allow and encourages surrogate mother compensation. This allows the surrogate mother to comfortably cover all time spent attending to a healthy pregnancy. If your surrogate is outside of Texas, compensation varies. Experienced surrogates are also paid a higher rate due to the success rate of the pregnancy and awareness of the process.
Understanding each surrogate’s rate helps the matching process move more smoothly. Be sure to ask about each surrogate’s specific compensation as you search through the surrogate database.

IVF and Medical Fees

Medical fees are clearly a large consideration before beginning the IVF process itself. Medical screenings of both the surrogate mother and their partner are taken very seriously to ensure the health of the child. Depending on your insurance, medical fees also include surrogate mother’s physical assessment by a fertility doctor, psychological evaluation and background checks.
Even though IVF fees are one of the largest pieces of the puzzle, Simple Surrogacy has special preferential rates arranged with Texas fertility clinics. For this reason, pursuing the surrogacy process is more affordable here than in many other states. Medication costs leading up to and throughout the pregnancy depends on individual pharmacy costs.


Simply Surrogacy steps in to help intended parents and their chosen surrogate coordinate insurance policies. An outside firm can help clarify any holes in coverage that intended parents will need to consider for the pregnancy. Intended parents are responsible for any portion of the surrogacy process that is not covered by the surrogate’s insurance—including copays, deductibles and extra expenses for the term of pregnancy and three months following birth.
It is also recommended that intended parents consider purchasing disability insurance in the event of any complications of necessary bed rest the surrogate experiences during the pregnancy. Simple Surrogacy can also help coordinate any necessary insurance policies for the child from the moment they’re born.

How to Finance Surrogacy

Once you understand the full financial package of your surrogacy pregnancy, how do you begin paying for the process? Simple Surrogacy aims to offer opportunities to all parents, no matter their financial means. For this reason, our fees remain comparably lower than other major agencies, partially due to our vast network of legal, medical and insurance connections.
Begin by speaking with your insurance agency and considering what stages of the process may be covered. Qualifying tax deductions or incentives related to insurance, such as a flexible spending account through your employer, can help cover expenses at a tax-free rate.

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