Must-Haves for Surrogate Moms and Intended Parents

Must-Haves for Surrogate Moms

As you near the end of your pregnancy, you’ll have to prepare for a major transition. Although you and the intended parents’ baby were a single entity previously, you’re soon about to split into two. Both you and the intended parents’ baby will have new needs that weren’t present before, and surrogate moms have even more factors to consider. You will need tools to help you recover from delivery, and you may want to help the intended parents get equipped to take care of their new baby as well. Here are some of the things that both you as the surrogate and the intended parents should have as you enter into the final weeks of your pregnancy.

Recovery Tools for Surrogate Moms

Even though you’ve already given birth to your own babies, birth takes an unavoidable toll on your body that shouldn’t be underestimated. In order to be prepared when the time comes, you’ll want to make sure that you have access to the following essential post-partum tools:

A Large, Durable Water Bottle

Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, it’s easy to become dehydrated after you give birth. After all, a lot of blood and other fluids are expended in the birthing process, and you’ll need to regenerate these fluids by drinking plenty of water. You’ll want to have plenty of water on hand throughout the process of giving birth, and you’ll want to maintain the same amount of water intake for at least a few days following the birth of your surrogate baby.

Witch Hazel

This plant, which is native to North America, has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation, stop bleeding, and speed up the healing process. Even if you experience the most benign birth process possible, you’ll still endure some degree of vaginal tearing or damage. Applying witch hazel to the vaginal area is one of the best tools at your disposal to stop bleeding and start the healing process. Best of all, witch hazel is all-natural, and it’s easy to load this substance into a spray bottle for hands-off application.


Recovery Tools for Surrogate Moms

Nursing Pads

Even if you don’t breastfeed, your breasts will still create milk. This milk will want to get out of your nipples, and in some cases, it might do just that even if you don’t want it to. As such, it’s pretty clear why it’s important that you have some nursing pads on hand. These pads, which are usually made of cotton, slip in between your nipples and your clothing, and they catch any milk that might otherwise stain your clothes or leave wet spots. Nursing pads are usually disposable, but you can also get reusable versions that can be hand-washed or thrown in a washing machine.

High-Protein Foods

Your body goes through a lot in the process of giving birth. After a huge energy expenditure like pushing out a baby, your body will need to regenerate that lost energy through food. It’s a good idea to have your support group have a high-protein meal ready for you within the first few hours of giving birth, and you should also stock your fridge at home with calorie-rich foods that will help you regain your strength throughout the post-partum recovery process.

Peri Bottle

After you give birth to your surrogate baby, your genital area will be very sore for a number of days. It will be so sore, in fact, that touching it with even the softest toilet paper might be too uncomfortable to stand. Therefore, you should have a peri bottle on hand at all times. These bottles serve as a sort of portable bidet, and you can use them to clean your private areas without the need for toilet paper.


Whether you breastfeed or not, your nipples almost always become sore in the days following giving birth. Your nipples might become so sore that wearing your usual bras and clothes becomes incredibly uncomfortable. However, applying the natural substance known as lanolin to your nipples can provide them with a sheath that protects them from discomfort.

Larger Undies

Even after you give birth, it will take a while for your waist size to return to normal. Since your genital area will also be sore to the touch, you should invest in a few pairs of panties that are much larger than your usual size.


Baby Supplies for the Intended Parents

Baby Supplies for the Intended Parents

In order to ensure the best beginning of life possible for your surrogate baby, you may also want to coordinate with the intended parents to make sure that they have the tools on hand to provide for their new baby’s every need. Some of the basics that the intended parents should have at their disposal include:

A Crib or a Co-sleeper

The intended parents of your baby will definitely need somewhere to put the baby when it’s time to sleep. While they might want to have a crib on hand for when the baby is a little bit older, many parents find that a co-sleeper is the best way to stay close to their baby all through the night.

Sleep Sacks or Swaddles

Most babies have a habit of kicking off blankets while they sleep, but infants need to stay warm throughout the night. Sleep sacks zip up around a baby at night, and they are loose and comfortable. However, some babies like the comfort of being held tight, which is why swaddles also come in handy.

Baby nail clippers

While many parents forget about this fact, you’ll need nail clippers as your baby’s nails grow. This will also prevent them from scratching themselves (or you) throughout the day and while they sleep.

Even though you’ve given birth before, the idea of going through the process again can be overwhelming. However, if you have the right tools for the job, you’ll be able to handle this exciting transition like a pro.

Need more advice? Don’t hesitate to call your surrogate support coordinator or the rest of the team at Simple Surrogacy at 1-866-41-SURRO.

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