Is it a Case of No Pain, No Gain: The Case of Donating Your Eggs

Donated eggs are a gift for many couples looking to go into surrogacy or who cannot conceive using their own eggs. Thinking of becoming an egg donor? Then there’s a lot of questions you’ll probably have. When it comes to donating eggs, you may wonder, what is the process like? And most importantly, how painful is it to donate your eggs?
You may be surprised how short and painless the actual egg retrieval procedure is. There is a process to becoming an egg donor, but the actual retrieval procedure is done in a short period of time with rarely any complications.

A Quick Glimpse at the Egg Donor Process

At Simple Surrogacy, we care about our egg donors, and want to make sure they’re in optimal health. Some of our requirements for egg donors include being between the age of 18-30, do not be a smoker, take illegal drugs, or be alcohol dependent, and have a genuine desire to assist our intended parents in completing one of the steps necessary for their dream family. After screenings, a legal contract is necessary in the interest of both parties.

The Stimulation Phase

So, you’re generously donating your eggs which will assist intended parents in gaining the family they’ve been dreaming of! The stimulation phase prepares egg donors for the retrieval procedure. This involves possibly taking birth control pills to sync the donor and recipient’s menstrual cycles, as well as be given a follicle-stimulating hormone to grow egg follicles. Once the egg follicles have reached maturity, an HCG injection is administered, which will prepare the donor’s ovaries to release eggs.

The Egg Retrieval Procedure

The egg retrieval process happens 34-36 hours after the HCG injection. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes to be completed. The donor is given light IV sedation to guarantee the most comfort. The physician will then use ultrasound guidance to collect the eggs from the ovaries. After the procedure is completed, it is necessary for the donors to rest the remainder of the day. This can depend on the donor, however, as some women may take an extra day or two, while others feel ready to get on with their normal activities.
After the egg donation process, some women find it helpful to visit a psychological professional, but this is up to the donor and her emotional state.

Yes Gain!

By donating your eggs, you are granting intended parents their desire for a family. We care about egg donors and want them to feel confident and reassured every step of the way. Donors can receive anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000+ and possibly more, depending on experience and qualifications and proven donation ability. We value your commitment to the process, and want to take care of the expenses of the egg donation process, such as doctors’ appointments and possible travel and lodge costs.
So long story short, how worth is it to donate your eggs? A few pinches and pricks along the way, but the huge positive is the chance of giving a future family the opportunity to bloom while financially assisting your own goals.

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