How to Talk About Surrogacy With Your Family

Choosing to become a surrogate is a huge decision. It takes time to decide you are comfortable with the idea of being a surrogate individually, let alone introducing the idea to your family members and close friends. This discussion for some is not an easy one to have.

The best way to think about it, is that you want to educate your friends and family on the process of surrogacy. Because it can be an overwhelming word for some, they may not understand it the way you do. This is where you can begin your approach.

When Should You Tell Them?

If you are nervous about bringing up the topic of becoming a surrogate, you want to make sure you are one hundred percent going to do it. You have made a decision, and you plan on going through with it. You need to be completely confident with your choice before you discuss it with others.

Make Sure You Have Done Some Research

Your family and friends are probably going to have a lot of questions about your decision and surrogacy. To make them feel comfortable, you will need to show them that you understand surrogacy fully. Do as much research as possible and learn about it, more than you already do. This will allow you to answer their tough questions, and show them you understand it.


They may have opposing views to surrogacy, or say something that goes against your decision. It is important that you listen to what they are saying and understand their point of view. You need them to understand you, so show them that you understand them. Listen to them first, and then discuss.

Resist Argument

If your decision is opposed, it is important that you do your best and resist the urge to be angry or upset with them. Take a deep breath and remember that getting angry with them will only elevate the conversation and take it in a completely different direction. Resist the urge to argue, and keep your composure.

Surrogacy is a big decision, whether you knew you wanted to be one right away, or it took you some time to warm up to the idea, discussing it with your family and close friends is never easy. Especially if you are unsure how they will feel about the idea. Remember to take charge of the conversation, but listen to what your family and friends have to say as well. You need to educate them on surrogacy, and get them comfortable with the idea.

how to talk about surrogacy with your family

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