How To Prepare To Become a Surrogate Mother


Just as every surrogate baby brought into this world is unique, so is every parent. If you are getting ready to help others welcome a newborn into their family, you may encounter feelings of fear, elation, and anticipation all at the same time. This is why it is so important to properly prepare yourself to become a surrogate mother.

Research the Process

You might entertain the idea of being a surrogate without having a full understanding of the process and the commitment it takes., It will be comforting to learn from those who have already walked in your shoes, like all the coordinators at Simple Surrogacy who are previous surrogates. Some uncertainty is normal with the surrogacy process. Early on in the process, you will have an interview with our Coordinators who will help you understand what is expected form a surrogate and answer your questions. You can also begin by building up a library of “how to” resources, and ask questions of our coordinators and other surrogates in our supportive community. While there is no manual for this important role you are about to take on, you will find that reading will give you the knowledge you need to learn as you go.

Get Your Surrogate Parent Education

There is so much to be learned when it comes to being a surrogate. Thankfully, there are a number of different community-based resources available to help you. Our facebook group is filled with active, experienced surrogates and is a great resource for your questions. We also send every surrogate a What to Expect guide, as a reference to their journey. You will also want to look for various services that are offered to new surrogates through your surrogacy agency, as this will help you get through those first months of the process.



Prepare for the Changes to Come

Life as a surrogate is unlike anything you will have experienced up to this point. You need to be prepared for it. Understanding that your entire day will revolve around your pregnancy, particularly during the first few months, will help you to get through even the darkest of moments. You will need to work out a schedule with your family and partner in order to ensure that the needs of the adults are taken care of as well. There are certain roles and expectations that should be covered prior to beginning the surrogacy process. If you know what is expected of you prior to entering surrogacy, you will be much happier in the end. Make sure that everyone living in the house is fully aware of any and all expectations prior to beginning.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally

As a surrogate mother, you may develop a certain attachment to the fetus you are about to give birth to. As you have already experienced the joy of motherhood yourself, you will need to be prepared emotionally for the transfer process. You need to remind yourself that you are helping another loving couple bring life into this world. Those individuals will be responsible for the upbringing of the child, but it will nonetheless be difficult to let go once the process is complete. Preparing yourself from the outset will make this much easier in the end.

Assemble a Support Team

Giving birth to a child is not something that you should do on your own if at all avoidable. The changes to your lifestyle alone will be rather dramatic, resulting in a great deal of emotional and physical stress. While you will understandably want to spend as much time with your newborn as possible when you are a surrogate mother, you will still need and appreciate the assistance of others. Do not wait until the baby is born to assemble a support team. Assemble your support team during the initial stages or even before the surrogacy process begins. Having a team that understands you and your intentions will make the pregnancy go a lot smoother. You will want caring friends and close family members by your side. Such people can step in when needed and really give you a certain peace of mind that will help you be an even more effective surrogate. This support system should be seen as an essential part of the process, particularly when talking about your first time as a surrogate.


Embrace Every Aspect of the Journey

Part of being an effective surrogate involves putting yourself in the proper mindset. While there will certainly be difficult times ahead (don’t let anyone tell you that this is not true), each moment can be tackled effectively if you keep the joy alive. This means that you should take time to enjoy every aspect of the surrogacy process as you can find happiness during every part of the surrogate pregnancy, and certainly beyond. Tell as many friends and family members as possible about what you are doing. Allow others to share in the joy with you. You and the baby will be much better off in the end as a result.

Flexibility Is Key

No matter how structured and organized you might be, becoming a surrogate will challenge that. Things will not always go as planned. You will need to alter your schedule more often than not. Prepare now to be flexible and you will be more effective and successful as a surrogate.

If you are about to become a surrogate parent, we believe that congratulations are in order! Embrace the journey. Prepare yourself for the life to come. Follow these tips and you will be much more prepared as a result.

Our goal at Simple Surrogacy is to make your journey as simple and enjoyable as possible. Get in touch if you’d like to receive more information. We look forward to discussing with you!

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