How Much Does Egg Donation Cost?

Are you considering egg donation to start or grow your family? If you’ve struggled with infertility or genetic diseases that stop you from getting pregnant, egg donation can help you have a child. Egg donation is a selfless act that provides a deserving family with the chance to have a child of their own. Donating eggs is a process that takes time and dedication and therefore the donor is compensated financially. This compensation comes in the form of fees from those intended parents who are seeking eggs to achieve pregnancy. Although there are still fees, Simple Surrogacy works hard to ensure that these fees are reasonable and allow all those who are looking to use egg donation are able to. This blog looks at the fees that intended parents will see when they opt to go the route of egg donation to have a child.

Egg Donation Program Fees

There are different fees associated with egg donation. One of the set of fees is the program fees, which is broken down into different categories.

Reservation Fees

Once you have chosen a donor and she has confirmed that she is willing to donate, a reservation fee will be due. This fee will be due prior to requests for additional information about the donor, as well as prior to any contact with your donor or any medical records being released about your donor.

Retainer Fees

Simple Surrogacy has a retainer fee that is paid in two separate installments. These fees cover matching intended parents with donors, psychological and medical screenings of the donors, screening the donor with MMPI by request, the arrangement of the donor contract drafting and reviewing, as well as managing the escrow account and booking all travel arrangements. We also offer monitoring of payments for clinics from your escrow account and arranging all contact between intended parents and donors if requested and consented from both parties.
When you choose to work with Simple Surrogacy, you can be sure that there will be no hidden fees. We guarantee that all the services that are necessary for your Egg Donation are included in the price breakdown that we provide. We choose to be open with all fees because we believe that being open and honest about the financial aspect is an important aspect of keeping our clients happy and stress free during their egg donation process!

Agency Fee Breakdown

We believe in being completely transparent with our clients. That’s why we’re included the actual prices of our egg donation!

Total Agency Fee

The total agency fee when opting to work with Simple Surrogacy for your egg donation is $5,750. This covers all aspects of the egg donation that the agency needs.

Reservation Fee

If you would like to receive additional records about your donor once you select them, there is a reservation fee that must be paid. This fee is $150.

Retainer Fee

We ask that all intended parents pay a retainer fee once they have selected their donor. The retainer fee which is due before screening is $2,000.

Second Retainer Fee

The second retainer fee is due when the selected donor clears her screenings and before the legal contracts are signed. The second retainer fee is $3,750.
These are all the fees that Simple Surrogacy takes when you choose to use as your egg donation agency!

Donor Fee Breakdown

There are different fees that are required for the egg donors. Here is a list of fees and what they cover.

Egg Donor Compensation

There are different fees for different donors. Experienced donors or donors who are in demand can ask for much higher fees. If you are wondering what a donor is seeking as her compensation, please check the Donor Considerations page on your donor’s profile. Even first time donors can vary in their requested compensation. Our team is happy to verify the requested compensation with the donor prior to you selecting her. The average fee for an egg donor is $7,000 and up and $7,500 and up for experienced or in demand donors.

Egg Donor Contract Fee

The egg donor contract fee is $850 and includes contract drafting and review for the Donor only. This includes our associate attorney being present during the process. If an intended parent would like to be present for the contract drafting and review it is a $300 additional cost, if requested.

Intended Parent Review Fee

We also have an intended parent review which is where the  Intended Parent’s reviews the Egg Donor contract with an associate attorney. This service is $350.


Since medication can vary from individual to individual we provide an estimate of $3,000-$6,000 to covers the medication costs for the donor.

Psychological Assessment Fee

Psychological assessments are a necessary part of egg donation. The fee is $400 for the Egg Donor and $400 for the Intended Parents. If the parent of clinic would like, an MMPI can be completed by request for an additional $500. This brings the total to between $800-$1,300.

Cycle Insurance

Cycle insurance is a required fee of $395 and it covers the Egg Donor for medical risks of the cycle.

Cancelled Cycle Fee

Even is a cycle is cancelled Egg Donors receive $750 to start medications, and would keep this fee.


If the donor is required to travel long distances for the egg retrieval, they will be paid $.545/mile or the current IRS rate.

Lost Wages or Childcare

Since the donor will have to take time off for the egg retrieval we offer the donor pay for their lost wages or childcare for the day. This fee varies from individual to individual and will be confirmed with a pay stub or receipt.

Travel Expenses

If the egg donor is required to travel, the intended parents must cover their travel expenses for them and a companion. This includes actual costs of Hotel, Airfare, meal allowance ($50/day, $25 for companion) and transportation for the retrieval, and screening. The reason why companions must be compensated is because they are required by the clinics for the retrieval. Donors may also have additional items to expense such as dog boarding.


If you are a current Simple Surrogacy client, we offer a $1,000 discount off of the second fee. We do this because we appreciate all our clients and we want to show them how much!

Why Should you Choose Simple Surrogacy?

Simple Surrogacy is a full service Egg Donor agency. We do not have any hidden charges or tack on additional fees. You will only pay the full fee once your donor has passed screening and is ready to cycle for you!
We also have no application fee, no fund management fee, no travel coordination fee, and we never take 10% of the egg donors’ compensation! That’s the Simple Surrogacy difference.
If you’re ready to choose Simple Surrogacy as your agency for egg donation, contact us today! Our team of experts are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and to help you get started.

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