Gestational vs Traditional: Which Surrogacy Path is Right for Me


Becoming a surrogate is a very rewarding and life altering decision. Not only will you be changing the life of the intended parent(s) that you carry the child for, you will also experience a sense of humbling through the process. If you’re looking to become a surrogate, but want to learn more about the process, the first step is deciding which surrogacy path is right for you. There are two options, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. This blog will look at both paths and provide information on both to better inform you and help you choose which is right for you!

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy is a more common type of surrogacy. In this type of surrogacy the surrogate mother undergoes the process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer to become pregnant. This means that the eggs that are used are not from the surrogate. The eggs will either be from the intended parent or from an egg donor, and the sperm will either be from the intended parent or a sperm donor. This means that the child will have no genetic relationship to the surrogate. The surrogate merely serves as a vessel to carry the child from conception to birth.

Even though the child will have no genetic connection to the surrogate mother, the surrogate mother must still undergo several medical screening processes prior to being accepted into the program at Simple Surrogacy. This includes:

  • Detailed medical history
  • A physical
  • Consultations with psychologists
  • A drug toxicology
  • Blood chemistry screening

There are many other tests that a gestational surrogate mother must complete. These tests are conducted to ensure that both the child and the surrogate mother will remain happy and healthy throughout the pregnancy and during the birth.

Since the egg and the sperm are coming from the intended parents, the intended parents must also complete medical workups and psychological evaluations. This ensures the safety of the intended parents, the surrogate, and the child!

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy is a not as common form of surrogacy. In this type of surrogacy the surrogate becomes pregnant through Intrauterine Insemination (IUIs). This means that the egg being used belongs to the surrogate mother. The sperm that is used belongs to the intended parent. This means that the child will have half of the genetic makeup of the surrogate mother.

Since the child will share genetics with the surrogate, the surrogate must undergo several different medical screenings and background checks. Some of the medical procedures include:

  • A physical
  • Blood work
  • Psychologist consultation
  • STI testing
  • Access to family medical history

The intended father will also go through screening to ensure that his sperm is viable and that his medical records are clear. This is for the safety of the intended parents, child, and the surrogate!

The application process in traditional surrogacy also involves sending more photos and information from childhood to adulthood than with gestational surrogacy. This is because the child will share your genetics. This additional material will allow the intended parents to learn more about you and see the type of genes their child will be receiving.

The Simple Surrogacy Difference

Simple Surrogacy isn’t like other surrogacy agencies. We offer our clients many different benefits that sets us apart from the competition.

Quick Matches

At Simple Surrogacy, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quick matches. We have one of the largest databases of surrogates which allows us to quickly and simply match intended parents with their ideal surrogate. All of the surrogates in our database are pre-screened which means less wait time for intended parents! Beyond surrogates, we also have an extensive database of repeat, successful egg donors.

Professional Staff

Our staff provides each and every one of our clients with professional coordination from the start to the end of their journey. Since our agency is larger than most of the competition, we are able to provide you with everything you need throughout the process instead of providing referrals. From attorneys to travel arrangements, Simple Surrogacy handles all the details, so you can worry about what matters most! Our staff are also available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Clinic Relationships

Due to our size and our previous success stories, we have developed excellent relationships which many of the top IVF clinics in the United States. This means that you gain access to a referral as well as preferred rates at these clinics. When you choose Simple Surrogacy, you choose a truly simple and easy experience.

FDIC Insured Escrow Accounts

Another thing that sets Simple Surrogacy apart from the competition is the fact that we never mix client funds with agency funds. All client funds are placed in federally insured escrow accounts for our client’s peace of mind. We also provide monthly statements to our clients and ask that they fill our detailed expense reports that are processed monthly. This provides our clients with peace of mind – at no additional cost.

The Texas Advantage

Simple Surrogacy is located in Dallas, Texas, which means our clients get the benefit of The Texas Advantage. This means lower fees. Texas does not have a state income tax, like in other states, which means unlike like other surrogacy agencies, we don’t have to pay income tax on our earnings. This translates into savings for you! Plus, we accept surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents from many different states which means you don’t have to live in Texas to experience the benefits of The Texas Advantage!

There is a lot to think about when it comes to deciding whether or not you want to become a surrogate. One of the main decisions is the type of surrogate that you will become. Whether you opt to become a gestational surrogate or a traditional surrogate, our team will be with you along the journey to ensure the ride is smooth!

Once you have decided which surrogacy path is right for you, you can visit our website and fill out an application form! If you have any questions about the form, please feel free to reach out to our team. They will provide you with the answers that you need and assist in any way possible! If you’d like to learn more about Simple Surrogacy and our processes, visit our website today!

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