What to Expect as an Intended Parent

The process of surrogacy can be complex. Surrogates and intended parents should be mindful of what to expect before and after the baby’s birth. There are many aspects in particular that intended parents should be prepared to expect, such as legal, medical, financial, and other social challenges during their surrogacy journey.

Not sure exactly what to expect as an intended parent? Don’t fret! We’ve come up with a list to prepare you for the baby’s birth and once the surrogacy process begins!

  1. Getting Started: Intended parents will need to send an inquiry to us to begin the process. A contact form must be completed for our Executive Program Director to review. Be sure to read through any additional information and compile a list of any questions that you may have. Arrange a FREE consultation call or come into our office in Dallas, Texas to meet with our Executive Program Director, Stephanie Scott. Next, you must sign a retainer agreement and submit the initial agency fee. Once this is completed, you must fill out an intended parent profile online and browse through a list of egg donors. Background checks and a psychological consultation will be scheduled with an Associate Psychologist during this stage.
  2. Contract and Medical Testing: Intended parents will need to sign a contract as well as complete a psychological evaluation and medical testing if necessary. The contract will outline the responsibilities for intended parents and what services will be provided to them.
  3. Surrogate Matching: Background checks take an average of 10 days to complete. Once this and the Psychological review is completed, we will review your profile and make any necessary suggestions for a speedy matching process. Your intended parent profile will be sent out to available surrogates who meet your specific criteria. Keep in mind that all surrogate profiles have already been screened to ensure that they are medically qualified, that they have had a psychological review completed, and have undergone a background check. Once a surrogate who meets your preferences likes your profile, the profile will be presented to you. A moderated conference call is arranged where both parties can voice their interests. Intended parents and the surrogate will share background information and discuss the logistics of working together. Mutual expectations on the surrogacy arrangement will also be discussed and explored. After a few days, both parties can decide if they would like to work together in the surrogacy process. If both parties agree, a match is made! An escrow account will then be established to cover the surrogate’s initial expenses, and then you will meet her at the screening.
  4. Screening: Screening occurs at the clinic of your choice. The screening needs to take place at a  reputable IVF clinic, however. If you can not find one, we can provide you with a few recommendations. At Simple Surrogacy, we possess relationships with reliable clinics who have high success rates and offer many discounts. If you have frozen embryos already, the medical screening is only for the surrogate. If you do not, a medical screening will be conducted which includes screening for infectious diseases. For the Gestational Surrogate, on the other hand, infectious disease, as well as drug screening, will take place.
  5. Legal: At Simple Surrogacy, we pride ourselves on our Texas Advantage. This means that if you match with a surrogate located in Texas, your legal process will be the cheapest and easiest in the country! We have pre-negotiated rates with excellent attorneys that will assist in saving you a ton of money over other states. In Texas, they offer a two-step legal process that results in a pre-birth order for everyone who is married, regardless of sexual orientation.
  6. Medication Schedule: The medical process really depends on the protocol that your clinic uses. A medication schedule is created once the contract is executed, fees are paid, and there is an adequate maternity care insurance coverage. Following the completion of the above, a scheduled calendar with the surrogate’s injection and embryo transfer days will be settled. Your coordinator will call and walk you through the calendar. Your surrogate will begin testing at home as soon as 5 days following the transfer, and you will have your blood test 2 weeks later. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, your surrogate will begin receiving compensation divided into 10 equal payments. Your surrogate will then be released to her OB-GYN and you will receive a signed HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) form for direct access to her physician.

The IVF or Gestational Surrogacy contract is one of the most important contracts during the process since it states the terms, balance, and reimbursements for lost wages, child care, medical bills, and other associated bills necessary for the surrogacy process.

Once you join our program, we will help guide you through every step of the surrogacy process. We will even provide you with our unique guide titled “What to Expect When Your Surrogate is Expecting.” At Simple Surrogacy, we do whatever we can to ensure that your journey to parenthood is as simple and seamless as possible!

The thought of you becoming a new parent can be both exciting and overwhelming. Don’t stress! We’re here to help! Follow this checklist to ensure that you, as an intended parent, are prepared for the arrival of your new little addition to the family.

  1. Be Prepared for Changes: With a new baby at home, parents may need to prepare for restricted social schedules, midnight feedings, assigned childcare roles, additional responsibilities, and more. It is also important to determine any new expectations of family members in the household prior to the arrival of the baby.
  2. Ready to Welcome the Baby Home: Essential items for the baby needs to be in place, such as a stroller, diapers, bottles, and a crib. These items are not only necessary for the newborn but can also provide a mindset of parenthood for intended parents prior to the arrival of the baby.
  3. Find Classes and Services: It is a good idea for new parents to find parenting classes or other resources that are available in the community to prepare them for the baby’s arrival. Intended parents can contact a pediatrician, local school district, and hospital for suggestions on supportive resources for intended parents if they do not know where to start.

Knowing what to expect as an intended parent before, after, and during the baby’s birth is crucial! If you are an intended parent who is thinking about starting a family via surrogacy, be sure to contact Simple Surrogacy today!

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