Can 2 Men Have a Baby?

At Simple Surrogacy, we help connect Intended Parents and Surrogates, and we love that our families come from many different backgrounds – couples dealing with infertility, single parents, lesbian women and gay men. One question we often receive is, “Can two men have a baby?” The answer is definitely yes. We have helped many gay couples have a child through surrogacy.

Gay Men & Surrogacy

Surrogacy is becoming more and more popular for gay men. While laws vary from state to state as to LGBTQ rights and surrogacy, Simple Surrogacy can help navigate the entire surrogacy process.
Gay men do have two options when pursuing surrogacy – traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, a woman carries a baby using her own egg and the sperm from one of the male intended parents. Some gay fathers will pursue this type of surrogacy when they have a female relative or close friend who is willing to carry the baby and is willing to be biologically related to the child.
In gestational surrogacy, an embryo created from a donor egg and one male partner’s sperm is implanted in a surrogate via in vitro fertilization. Because the egg comes from a donor, the surrogate is not biologically related to the child.

Whose Sperm to Use?

One of the questions that gay men face when pursuing surrogacy is which partner’s sperm to use. Sometimes it is a clear choice and one partner’s sperm is used. Sometimes the two dads have their sperm mixed before the embryo is created so it is left to nature to decide who is biologically related to the child. And still other gay couples decide to create embryos from both dads’ sperm to potentially have children related to both parents.

Other Considerations for Two Men

Of course, pursuing a family via surrogacy does have financial costs. If two men want to have a baby with a surrogate, it is important to understand how much the entire process will cost including surrogate fees, egg donor fees, legal fees and more. Simple Surrogacy can help gay couples plan for these fees and can also recommend methods of surrogacy financing.
A surrogacy agency can be a great resource for gay men trying to have a child. Because the process can be complicated, an experienced agency can walk a couple through each step. At Simple Surrogacy, we have helped match gay men with screened surrogates and egg donors. We also work with legal professionals familiar with surrogacy who can help draft surrogate agreements as well as protect a gay couple’s legal parental rights after the baby is born.
If you are two men interested in becoming Intended Parents, please contact us at Simple Surrogacy. We are based in Dallas, Texas but we help men all over the country become parents. We can answer any questions you might have about the surrogacy process and explain how our agency can help you fulfill your dream of having a baby.

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