Brianne Minter: A Surrogate’s Story

Many times, when people come to us and inquire about the process to become a surrogate, they ask about previous surrogates and their journey. We always connect our surrogates with a network of current and previous surrogates, so they can ask questions, hear stories, and get more information from someone who has been through it. It is however enlightening to hear a surrogate’s thoughts prior to applying to be a surrogate. That’s why we asked Brianne Minter, a previous surrogate with Simple Surrogacy, to share her story!

1) What was your experience as a Surrogate?

Completed one journey. It was life altering. It was exciting and thrilling as it was something “new” that I was doing, but in the end, it was such an amazing process. Totally positive.

2) How did you find out about us?

My husband’s co-workers’ partner was with the agency.

3) What was the most rewarding part about becoming a surrogate?

The connection I have with my IF. Seeing the exact moment, he became a dad.

4) What made you want to become a surrogate?

I am done having babies of my own. I have one girl and I am good. I wanted to help someone achieve their family. It’s like blessings for both the family and myself. They get their baby and I was able to help mine financially.

5) How was/is your relationship with the Intended Parents?

Fantastic!! Our relationship grew naturally. He was very supportive and open the entire time as was I. It still is an amazing friendship.

6) Would you consider becoming a surrogate again? If so, why?

Absolutely! Like I said before. It was life altering. I enjoyed every bit of it. Once you get a taste for that joy it brings to someone you want to do that again!

7) How did your family/spouse/children feel about your decision to become a surrogate?

My husband was fully supportive the entire process (it was his idea anyway). My daughter learned as we went along since she was 4 at the time. My family had mixed feelings. Some were against it, some were super supportive, but I expected that, and it didn’t deter my decisions or my experience.

We love hearing from our past surrogates about the impact that their journey had on them. If you’d like to hear more stories from past Simple Surrogacy surrogates visit our blog today! We also have all the information you need about becoming a surrogate, and changing someone’s life like Brianne did, on our website.

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