A Story to Tell – Morgan

A Story to Tell – Morgan
Surrogate support coordinator and Director of Surrogate Screening at Simple Surrogacy

Being a parent was something that was so important to my husband and I. Before we had even had our children, we knew that once our family was complete, we wanted to help another family. After our second child was born, we began our research into agencies and loved what Simple Surrogacy had to offer. We matched and carried for a husband and wife in 2013 and delivered their little girl in July 2014. It was one of the most amazing and humbling things to be a part of. You could say I was hooked!
Not only did my husband and I plan to help another family, but I was also able to work for Simple Surrogacy and provide support to other woman carrying for intended parents. My family and I matched again 2015 and delivered twins to a wonderful same sex couple in Dallas in March 2016. After two years we matched again for a third time for intended fathers after their first daughter was born through Simple Surrogacy.
I was their surrogate’s support coordinator and was a part of their transfer and birth so it felt very natural to offer to help them with a sibling after their surrogate decided she was not going to carry again.
We are now days away from them meeting their second daughter and my family and I have plans to carry again for our second match and give the twins a little brother or sister. Surrogacy has brought so much love and amazing people into our lives. The trust needed by intended parents is humbling.

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