A Basic Guide to the Surrogacy Process


Becoming a surrogate mother is a completely selfless act, which can bring so much joy! Joy into the lives of Intended Parents, and joy and a great sense of fulfillment into the life of a surrogate mother.

If you have ever thought about how to become a surrogate, this quick guide will give you an overview of the surrogacy process, and help you make an informed decision about surrogacy!

Do your Research

Surrogacy can be a complicated process and when you are thinking about becoming a surrogate, you should do lots of research! First, decide which type of surrogacy matches your goals best; gestational or traditional. Gestational surrogacy provides no biological relationship between the surrogate mother and the surrogate baby, while traditional surrogacy does provide a biological relationship between mother and baby. Next, start exploring different surrogacy agencies. Find out what their requirements for becoming a surrogate mother are, and if their services match your surrogacy goals.

Application and Acceptance

Once you have found the surrogacy agency that you would like to work with, it is time to begin your application process! During this process you will have to provide a detailed medical history and likely undergo physical and mental examinations, to ensure you are the right fit to carry out a surrogate pregnancy. After your application has been accepted, you can start browsing the profiles of Intended Parents and look for the perfect match!

Beginning Surrogacy

Finding the perfect match is the next step in the surrogacy process. After matching, the surrogacy agency will help guide you through the legal aspects of surrogacy. Once the paperwork has been taken care of, it’s time to start the medical procedures that make surrogacy possible!

The Simple Surrogacy Difference

Simple Surrogacy is dedicated to working with women one-on-one to provide a stress-free and exciting surrogacy journey! Our Executive Program Director, Stephanie Scott, has been through the surrogacy process herself, and is ready to answer any of your questions about becoming a surrogate mother. Call us toll-free at 1-866-41-SURRO or local at 214-673-9321 to start your surrogacy journey today!


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