The 3 Types of Egg Donor Arrangements

If you are considering becoming an egg donor, it is important to learn about the egg donor process and the different types of egg donor arrangements. There are many reasons why women cannot use their own eggs towards pregnancy. This is where egg donors come in. Egg donation helps give a deserving couple a chance at parenthood. Keep reading to find out about the types egg donor arrangements that Simple Surrogacy handles and discover which one will be the best fit for you!

Anonymous Arrangement

An anonymous arrangement is the most common type of egg donation at Simple Surrogacy. In this arrangement, it is ensured that you will have no information about the parents that are receiving your eggs, and they will have no information about you. This means that you will not come into contact with each other at any point during the egg donor process. A third party handles all communication. In this case, Simple Surrogacy will facilitate any communication required while ensuring that anonymity is present. In terms of legal contracts, only the first names of egg donors and intended parents are listed but are not shown to each other. In most cases, once the egg donor process is complete, there is absolutely no contact between the egg donor and the intended parents. However, the recipient parents can choose an egg donor based on generic physical and personal characteristics. As an anonymous egg donor, there is also a high chance that you may not even be aware that a pregnancy occurs. Anonymous donation is a popular option for both egg donors and Intended Parents because they are both usually the most comfortable with this type of process.

Semi-Open Arrangement

A semi-open arrangement is a middle ground between anonymous and open egg donation. This arrangement differs from anonymous because the egg donor and the Intended Parents are given a small amount of information about each other. This could include first names, place of residence, etc. A semi-open arrangement should be considered if you would like the option of having contact with the Intended Parents in the future. Knowing basic information about each other will ensure that you can establish and maintain a relationship with the Intended Parents if both parties choose to do so. The best part about a semi-open arrangement is the flexibility it comes with. It is entirely up to you, the egg donor, and the Intended Parents, whether or not you would like to keep in touch. You also don’t have to decide right away. In some cases, the Intended Parents prefer this type of donation because they like to have the option of communicating with the person who shares their child’s genetics, without having to promise contact at all times. In a semi-open donation, the egg donor will most likely be informed when and if a pregnancy occurs.

Open Arrangement

An open arrangement for egg donation means that all information is shared, including last names, addresses, and occupations of the egg donor and the Intended Parents. In this type of arrangement, both parties also agree to communicate with each other throughout the life of the child. It is important to note that both parties must be mutually interested in maintaining contact in the future. An open donation also occurs when the egg donor is a known contact of the Intended Parents who have agreed to assist them in having a child. Egg donors are given the opportunity to review the Intended Parents’ application in order to make a decision. Egg donors are also able to speak to the Intended Parents on the phone or meet them in person, as long as they agree to it. An open arrangement can lead to a positive experience for the egg donor, Intended Parents, and any future children that come from the donation.

It is important to review the types of egg donations and chose which one works best for you before your profile is submitted to the Intended Parents for review. This ensures that the egg donor and the Intended Parents are on the same page and avoids potential issues that may arise in the future. Visit our website if you are interested in becoming an egg donor or have any questions about the types of egg donor arrangements that are available.

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