10 Surrogacy and Egg Donation Blogs for Building an Online Community

Whether you’re in the initial research phase of surrogacy and egg donation or have lifelong experience in the community, finding a support system through personal stories and connections is invaluable. Blogs, online forums and non-profit organization act as a wonderful network of professionals, egg donors, experienced surrogates and intended parents who have been through the surrogacy process. These first-person stories put a face to the extensive details necessary for making such a huge life decision. Many blogs and organizations also supply additional resources such as legal advice and information for attending workshops, conferences and other community-focused events.

Below are a list of blogs and organization’s websites following the stories people throughout the community who embody the daily life and overall journey of this community. They highlight the celebrations of new babies, the struggles that come with infertility and all the days in between, handling the physical, financial and psychological questions that arise as you travel down this path. 

We Are Egg Donors

 A comprehensive site, blog and forum, We Are Egg Donors is a women’s health organization that sparks conversations between past, present and future egg donors and the scientific community. Their blog posts tackle the psychological and psychical struggles related to egg donation as well as advocating for women’s health and rights issues throughout the world. WAED also manages a private Facebook group open only to those considering egg donation or those who have been through the process in the past. This acts as a supportive forum for building connections and conversations in a safe space.

Stories from the Stork

 Managed and written by a proud surrogate mother from Tallahassee, Stories from the Stork chronicles the full process of becoming a gestational surrogate, from the early discussion with her family to the pregnancy and birth. Though the blog is not currently updated on a regular basis, the writer’s personal story from start to finish covers a range of important topics with a relatable voice, including her relationship with her community and agency, tips for what helped her in the hospital and the emotional journey throughout. Stories from the Stork is an excellent starting point for those researching surrogacy.

Our Misconception

 This extensive and well-rounded blog covers all topics of infertility struggles with direct and relatable honesty. Updated frequently and with a range of first-person experiences, the blog is an excellent resource for families that currently handle infertility or have in the past. The blog also includes a section of recommended links, books and infertility acronyms to help demystify the process. The site even includes their own surrogacy success story after years of considering different methods of becoming parents.

All Things Surrogacy

 Founded by Janae Krell, founder of the All Things Surrogacy organization, this website and blog guides intended parents and surrogates in making an informed decision for their bodies and futures. After eight years as a surrogate, Krell decided to launch this group to provide workshops, resources and even a book of crucial information to the surrogate community. Blog posts include personal, first-person experiences, financial advice around surrogacy, and tips about the evaluation process. Updated frequently, the blog also dives into more time-sensitive and topical issues related to legal and political changes that may affect surrogacy and egg donation in the US.

Chrissy and Lee

 Told from the perspective of a mother with MRKH, Chrissy and Lee write of their journey and success with gestational surrogacy to have their child. Their site includes a detailed blog on affording IVF and surrogacy, information and a timeline of their surrogacy story and a full blog about their “life after infertility.” Guest posts also include personal stories around these important topics from a range of parents who have been through similar experiences. Chrissy is now a public speaker on topics related to MRKH, IVF and surrogacy.

A Belly for Me A Baby for You

This blog follows two stories—one of an intended mother and the other from her sister, her gestational surrogate. The emotional story leading up to this decision is documented throughout this site and goes on to follow the whole surrogacy process between the two sisters. Both women—and a collection of guest writers—account the details of their journey, both with things that surprised them and advice for navigating the process. The commonly asked questions section of the site is also a wonderful guide for those preparing for conversations during their surrogate experience.

Confidence Meets Parenting

 Though this blog is more focused on general parenting tips and topics, the writer of the blog is a surrogate mother as well. In her surrogacy story, she explained her reasoning for pursuing this path and all the questions that came her way throughout the process. Updates include her experience in the hospital, her relationship with the surrogate family and factors that helped guide her to this decision. This is a great place to explore if you are also a family considering surrogacy with several children at home.

Don’t Count Your Eggs

 This writer documents she and her husband’s journey with infertility and having a child from a donated embryo. Now preparing for her second pregnancy, she actively updates her blog on a regular basis to check in about the daily ups and downs related to infertility struggles and the different approaches and stages of the process. The couple also actively works to change the stigma and messaging around infertility, even producing a short film about their experience.

Whitney and Erick

After eight years navigating infertility and trying different methods, Whitney and Erick were able to welcome twins with the help of gestational surrogacy. Whitney followed her whole journey throughout her blog, with the daily struggles related to infertility to the decision to purpose surrogacy. Her incredibly detailed documentation of the surrogate process helps clarify different specifics such as meeting with your surrogate mother, preparing for your baby and the anxiety of waiting for the big day. Her post about the day the baby arrives goes into details about getting the call, supporting the mother during birth and the transition process directly after the baby (or babies) have been born. Her parenting section now dives more deeply into caring for two twins.

My Body Their Baby

 Andrea is a two-time gestational surrogate with an enthusiastic blog about her experience through both pregnancies. She openly speaks of her physical progress and concerns throughout the journey as well as the elation of getting to know her intended parents. During each stage of the pregnancies, she breaks down details of how she’s sleeping, feeling and what to expect at doctor’s appointments. This is an excellent resource for surrogate parents looking for a step-by-step account of the surrogate journey both before and after the baby arrives.

The surrogacy journey beings long before you choose to search for the right agency. Finding a community, both in person and online, can help personalize your experience and guide you through this exciting time. As you navigate this process, contact our team of professionals with specific questions about the surrogacy and egg donation journey by calling 214-673-9321.

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